And The Mince Pie Bake Off Winner was … ?

Who was the winner of the Ads v Bethan Christmas Bake-Off?


The Shift Gift

I was sitting in the garden on the first day of September. It was a lovely ambient moment, sipping pearl flower tea and telling Fosbury in a rather humorous way about my awful not-very-humorous pregnancy mood swings (think swinging axe/ guillotine) when suddenly there was an almighty BANG and a riccoshading explosion of glass.

Break Your Groove Grr

Life Design Action: Break Your Groove Grr

Requires: A Groove Marathon (see below the below bit)

Does not require: 1960s flower power.

(Why is it that sometimes Doing What You Should Do is so easy? And why is it that other times Doing What You Know You Should Do is so hard? Sometimes you are frolicking and splashing in a beautiful pool of chlorinated Doingness shouting “woo-hoo! I’m doing it!”, then other times you are sitting on the edge of the pool wishing you could jump in yet are glued to the side getting goose-bumps. What is this annoying Not Doing What We Want To thing? And how can we break it?)

Keep your good ideas close and your bad ideas closer

Life Design Attitude: Keep your good ideas close and your bad ideas closer

Requires: Some good ideas and some bloody awful ideas

Does not require: Idea poverty

Some ideas are brilliant. Take the invention of the needle. Did you know that the invention of the needle was as profound as the invention of the wheel? When primitive people invented the needle, it meant that furs could be sewn together. Until the needle, primitive people were constantly having to hold onto to their togs. Now their hands were free so that they could get on with other things – such as carving the wheel. So, the needle = good idea.

Other ideas are not so brilliant. Like Genetically Modified Food. Enough said.

It is up to us to be idea savvy, not only with the ideas being presented to us by peers, government or the 5 o’clock news, but also the really stupid ones that we come up with all by ourselves. To do this can save a lot of time and trouble.

Somethings I learned …

On Our Journey To The House & The Hill 1. If you choose to take a resin energy pyramid as a gift for your friends, note that it contains copper coils, iron filings, as well as myriad crystals. This will show up in the baggage scanner. 2. When asked to explain an energy pyramids purpose […]