Don’t Let Them Change You …

… Or Even …


Worship Your Silver Fish

Life Design Action: Worship your silver fish

Requires: Saying a massive thank you to your body (including those little silvery lines aka stretch marks)… and possibly partake in some self worship

Does not require: Echoes of the Great Kate Weight Debate

Make Yourself An F Off T Shirt

Life Design Action: Make Yourself An F Off T Shirt

Requires: A white T Shirt (long if you are pregnant) and some Sharpie (colours optional) and people you want to say F Off to

Does not require: Rational thought or self consciousness

Beach Body

When you live in a seaside town and you spend a lot of time by the sea, you get to observe a lot of bodies. Some of these bodies are local and familiar such as the mahogany brown G string lady. Or the wiry, whippet sand runner.