10 Days To Go ….

Today is my second to last workshop before my due date.


That means we have just ten days to go.


And the hospital have reluctantly given me permission for a home birth.



5am Garden Meditation

(You don’t have to do this at 5am but aim to practise in the early morning when it is just you and the birds awake). For a long time I used the birdcage as a symbol in my writing and illustrative work. To me it represented the primitive, wild nature of humanity becoming free of restrictive […]

Pack All Ya Baggage In A Brown Paper Bag

Life Design Action: Pack all ya baggage in a brown paper bag

Requires: Your baggage, a journey and a brown paper bag

Does not require: Rucksacks, holdalls, carry bags, handbags, luggage cases, suitcases or any other sorts of bags. Just a brown paper one. Bigger than a sweet bag. Unless you are blessed with minimal baggage.

(It would appear that travelling freely towards an exceptional life experience is severely hampered by excess baggage. Nothing to worry about. It’s all perfectly natural. As humans everyone collects baggage; Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ. Even Walt Disney. The trick it knowing how, where and when to let it go.)


“Othman, is that a mosque?”

“No – a restaurant.”

“Not that. Over there.” I lean forward and point out of the windscreen at the tower, soft terracotta against the jagged mountain face. “Is THAT a mosque?”

“Yes, yes. Mosque. You wan stop? Take photo?”

Pix and Roo glance up at me. They clutch their cameras hopefully.

“No. No picture,” I tell our taxi driver. “Othman, I want to go inside the mosque.”

No – I’m Nezha

Life Design Action: Bring on your super-hero

Requires: Cape, pants big enough to pull over tights Drive, attitude, confidence

Does not require: weeds, slumpers, skulkers

(When life challenges get below the belt – such as terrible customer service (you know who you are and if you don’t you should bloody read yesterday’s post) – and you feel like you are struggling to get anywhere there is a simple action that you can take:

Bring on your Super Hero.

I am open to interpretations of super-heros. If vampires float you boat that’s fine. Having said that, I’m not sure about fairies. You can’t have fairies … Anyway, once you have decided who your super-hero is and you take on that mindset, it will no longer matter if the very cogs of Heaven are clunking against you … because YOU will handle it.)