An 8 Week Old Baby And Expecting Again?! Oh.

Life Design Action: Embrace the Adventure

Requires: Sturdy chairs, good timing and appropriate locations

Does not require: Humourlessness



Back in August when my midwife came to see me, she sipped her cup of coffee, nestled back in her chair and asked, “So – what are your concerns about this pregnancy?”

I glanced at Ads.

Then glanced at midwife.

Then glanced back at Ads.

Then midwife.

Ads look at me, urge-on-ingly.

Make Yourself An F Off T Shirt

Life Design Action: Make Yourself An F Off T Shirt

Requires: A white T Shirt (long if you are pregnant) and some Sharpie (colours optional) and people you want to say F Off to

Does not require: Rational thought or self consciousness

The Shift Gift

I was sitting in the garden on the first day of September. It was a lovely ambient moment, sipping pearl flower tea and telling Fosbury in a rather humorous way about my awful not-very-humorous pregnancy mood swings (think swinging axe/ guillotine) when suddenly there was an almighty BANG and a riccoshading explosion of glass.