Hola and …


 Its an absolute PLEASURE to have you here.

This is the House of Bethan – a little patch of colour that wants you to live a life that radiates YOUR unique brand of Gorgeousness. 

I’m Bethan; a speaker and author of many books, including the women’s BODY LOVE book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness

I design bespoke coaching programmes, and have coached hundreds of amazing people get on the path to ultimate health, business success, creativity and prosperity. 

The House of Bethan

Having said that, I remember just what it was like to be struggling in life.

Up until my mid twenties I struggled massively with my body image, self esteem, relationships and finding success the creative dreams I had cultivated for so long. I remember feeling trapped and frustrated, with little confidence in my self or the financial freedom to do what I wanted to do. Things were getting pretty desperate.

The House of Bethan

It was only after some crazy life events that I found the courage to start saying “yes” to who I was. (Alright, o this started with a less determined “okay” to who I was, but using the tools I want to show you, this “okay” quickly grew into a big, fat, resounding “yes”).

Following that, I haven’t looked back. 

I now live the life I once dreamt of, in my own creative sanctuary, with my beautiful family and the time, energy and confidence to not only enjoy it but to keep watering it and growing it in colourful new directions.

I want your life to shine too.

I want you to be filled with just as much joy and Gorgeousness as I have experienced and that is essentially what this blog as well as my creative offerings, programmes, journals and books are about. Very soon there will be a complimentary copy of your Gorgeousness Gratitude Journey Journal to download that will be some rocket fuel for your own Gorgeousness Unfolding.

In the mean time, check out the many articles in the blog, feel free to share everything about on Facebook and Twitter (if you would like to) but mostly – more than anything – have a flipping marvellous day.

The House of Bethan




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