Fast List/Slow List

Life Design Action: Make a fast List/Slow List

Why? Because it bloody works and it is BRILLIANT

Requires: A bit of paper, fast excitable thinking, the sort of enthusiasm a child has when writing a birthday list

Does not require: Questioning people.


Spraying People Gold and Other Ideas

I believe that our lives are enriched or depleted by the quality of ideas that we let into our mind.

For example.

Naughty N told me today (and I know she won’t mind me sharing this) that Spouser should most certainly be treating her like an utter princess. After all they have been married for over twelve years (I think?) and she hath bore him a tribe of sprogs. So she told him her idea.

Spouser said, “give me some ideas on how this can be achieved.”

So we made a list for him

Box the Fear and Face the Grim

Life Design Action: BOX THE FEAR

Does not require; mits, Rocky music, wrapping paper

Does require; Telling yourself “I am NOT as frail/weak as I think.”

(Few days ago I faced something that I’d been scared of for ages. I was so tired of wasting my time and energy in an attempt to avoid it. Suddenly GOT (like a bolt of lightning) that fear really does exist in the mind alone. The reality is that we are BIG, we are STRONG, we CAN handle anything and we deserve to live the most gorgeous life possible – fear free. So I faced my fear and guess what? Nothing to be afraid of.)

Florence v Lara

Ads feeling poorly and run-down so I heroically suggested that I would make dinner and that he should put his feet up. Before collecting him from work I bought bottle of wine, everything I needed for Macaroni Cheese and then headed to Blockbuster to return his dvds (v.overdue) and rent more for his poor tired eyes to relax upon.