Some Gorgeous Press!

There is nothing like the feeling of completing something so wonderful that it gives you a rush every time you think of it. For me, I can trigger an absolute tidal wave of serotonin each time I think about the finale to the Gorgeousness Programme that I started back in November.


The Winner Of The Gorgeous Goddess Giveaway …

…. in recognition of International Women’s Day is ….

Worship Your Silver Fish

Life Design Action: Worship your silver fish

Requires: Saying a massive thank you to your body (including those little silvery lines aka stretch marks)… and possibly partake in some self worship

Does not require: Echoes of the Great Kate Weight Debate

Old stuff … on your way!

Life Design Action: Clear Out The Old

Requires: A bit of cut throat-ness

I think – and don’t quote me on this – but I THINK Spring might have arrived.

Splashy yellow daffs are beaming from the verges and from behind little sign posts on the roads. The sun is shining again. And when this happens, it just feels RIGHT to look around your home environment to see what’s now old, what’s become toxic, what’s a bit wasteful, and what you just don’t need to be tolerating anymore …