Be honest now. Are your stories boring?

Life Design Action: Be honest. Are your stories boring?

Requires: Your stories (this includes your moans, your complaints, your blockages, your failures). A bloody good biro.

Does not require: Disney. I hate Disney. Sorry Disney lovers, but it is true. I’m sure the Waltster was nice enough as a person, but I don’t like how his animations portray women. I also never liked Micky Mouse’s voice. Or the fact that Donald looked like he was wearing a nappy. So.



“Othman, is that a mosque?”

“No – a restaurant.”

“Not that. Over there.” I lean forward and point out of the windscreen at the tower, soft terracotta against the jagged mountain face. “Is THAT a mosque?”

“Yes, yes. Mosque. You wan stop? Take photo?”

Pix and Roo glance up at me. They clutch their cameras hopefully.

“No. No picture,” I tell our taxi driver. “Othman, I want to go inside the mosque.”

Box the Fear and Face the Grim

Life Design Action: BOX THE FEAR

Does not require; mits, Rocky music, wrapping paper

Does require; Telling yourself “I am NOT as frail/weak as I think.”

(Few days ago I faced something that I’d been scared of for ages. I was so tired of wasting my time and energy in an attempt to avoid it. Suddenly GOT (like a bolt of lightning) that fear really does exist in the mind alone. The reality is that we are BIG, we are STRONG, we CAN handle anything and we deserve to live the most gorgeous life possible – fear free. So I faced my fear and guess what? Nothing to be afraid of.)

Will You Be My Guinea Pig?

The power of niche markets and an invite to be my guinea pig.

Sociable Gate-Keeping-ism?

Do you ever suffer from ideas overload? If you do, you may be suffering from Sociable Gate-Keeperism. I think I may have found a cure.