Spraying People Gold and Other Ideas


I believe that our lives are enriched or depleted by the quality of ideas that we let into our mind.

For example.

Naughty N told me today (and I know she won’t mind me sharing this) that Spouser should most certainly be treating her like an utter princess. After all they have been married for over twelve years (I think?) and she hath bore him a tribe of sprogs. So she told him her idea.

Spouser said, “give me some ideas on how this can be achieved.”

So we made a list for him. Of ideas.



*Spontaneously buy her flowers and chocolate carrots (organic)

* Rub her feet. Lovingly. A lot.

*  Gaze at her lovingly Perv on her fine body when she’s not looking (but just long enough for her to notice that you are doing it). Then tell her you love her.

* List her qualities spontaneously and frequently. But not too frequently so as not to be annoying.

* Keep up with girl/woman conversations. For God’s Sake man!

Having made this list with NN, I am now thinking of lists for all of our friends who also deserve to be treated like princesses and princes by their lovely partners. This is endless fun and has turned out to be a v good idea.



Many of our current ideas have slipped in unnoticed (I deserve to be treated like a princess) and develop  from our culture, our family, our role models, friends and peers.

Other ideas we discover in books, magazines or pieces of art. Some ideas we let in. Some we reject. Some we embrace, some we don’t even notice. Some are the natural results of everything mingling up in our subconscious soup bowl and splashing up like tantalising tasters of what could be possible.

For example:

This morning Naughty N and I went running in the lovely spring air. Ideas were leaping around, kicking out their legs and dive bombing us from all angles. We discussed the Lovely Sarah and how her husband is leaving to go skiing on Friday. And how she will miss him. And then all of that love for Lovely Sarah, our friendly desire to make it better for her mixed up with a random memory of being in Jol’s hot tub and wah-lah!

An idea.

We could hire a hot tub for Lovely Sarah for Saturday and hire some men (sprayed gold) to serve us some champagne and canapes on trays!


Some ideas are like wayward comets that we magnetize to ourselves through an open-hearted “YES” to possibility. Especially the gold sprayed bits. That’s bloody genius if you ask me.



Other ideas are the explosion that occurs when we marry two of our loves and our own unique gorgeousness.

For example.

Ads is lying on his sun-lounger by the pool in our Marrakech All Inclusive Palace when suddenly his big, beautiful eyes get ten times wider.

“Oh my God! Imagine getting all of those tagines in the buffet room and serving them on a ticket-only Moroccan themed beach party in England!”


Love of food + Love of beach + Entrepreneurial Spirit = IDEA!

And a brain child of goregeousness is born.



Then there are the slower ideas … The soft, relaxing, sultry Sunday morning ideas. These tend to develop gradually. They appear as we moodle and poodle and potter along, sit in the garden gazing at the trees, or sojourn on some walk alone, in the spring.

March ideas

For me, gentle ideas are synonymous with summer days or perhaps being away – in distant lands, mind enriched with all sorts of cultural wonders, new bird song, new tastes, new flavours, facial features and visual explosions of colour.

On holiday, by the pool, a zillion swarming ideas flew over my head and I lay there, feeling the buzz of them and plucking a few extra beautiful ones to pack and bring home. Yesterday, as we flew back, I felt them pulsing, like little jumping beans, in my pocket.


I can’t wait to share them with you!

What are your most sensational ideas?

What is the best idea you ever had?

What sort of environments are you drawn to for idea germination?


7 thoughts on “Spraying People Gold and Other Ideas

  1. Oh Beth, Someone needs to discover your wonderful talents of writing and drawing. Phil just walked past and started to read this and walked away muttering “if there is any justice in this world that girl should be discovered for her talents”! I second that thought!x

    • They have discovered them Debbie – YOU and PHIL!! And that is enough for me. However – it would be nice for someone to pay me quite a lot of money for schmoodling about and just writing away the day … hmmm … and sitting in the garden, eating sushi and watching Ads fighting with a reluctant lawnmower … that would be nice … xxx

  2. Neat write up … my husband still calls me his polish princess at times … we have been married for 30+ years … there are never flowers on Valentine’s Day … because then it is -30C, and we are busy calving and keeping the babies alive … but there is lots of cuddling … 4 hours at a time … calves in the kitchen watching on … I think I posted a blog a while ago … just scroll down, you’ll find it … please check if you like … http://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh, I like those lazy relaxing day ideas that swirl about our heads. I have a lot of trouble catching them and holding on to them though. Perhaps if they were painted in gold they would be stickier and easier to grab.

    • Floaty, lazy day butterfly thoughts … Yes!! I have realised that my favourite feeling in the world is when I am on the brink of manifesting an idea. Watching the ideas float about, come and go is beautiful – like being in a roll top bath. Capturing them and pulling them in is an amazing feeling too. Evolving and exploring the new ideas (freshly netted) makes me wild with enthusiasm and excitement.. But the moment when you are about to take the step and make it happen (foot mid-air … about to land) – THAT bit is where I occasionally just have to press pause and breathe it all in before pressing play again.
      Love them.

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