Mimic the Moves

Life Design Action: Find a role model who suits your need then mimic her moves exactly

Requires: Stealth, a watchful eye and ability to coordinate your movements with another

(Role models are the ultimate shiz. As children, our mothers and fathers and other influential adults serve to sculpt our beliefs as to what is possible about the world. These beliefs are what then allow us to push through to greater things or remain limited through playing small. Before Rodger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile, doctors and scientists suggested that such a feat was humanly impossible. They went as far as to say that the human body would not survive the challenge. However, once Bannister smashed the four minute mile, people hitting that same time All Over The Globe. Why? Once Bannister showed it was possible, the human mind believed it was possible and people aimed for the goal and hit it. Bannister was a role model and role models create internal models which can then be manifested.)


Invent An International Something Day

Life Design Action: Invent an International *Something* Day.
Requires: you and the Thing
Does not require: excuses or stories of any kind.

So, let’s us face some facts. Ready?

Side Step Motivation

Life Design Action: Side Step Motivation

Requires: Stealth, side ways glances and your innate Jedi powers (trust me kid – you’ve got them).

Does not require: Motivational videos, Anthony Robbins enthusiasm or any hype … or noise. In fact noise is bad.

(Think “motivation” and if you’re anything like me images of air punching. And “you can DO IT!”s. And spittle showers. Motivation is all about powering up, revving up and preparing to zoom forwards. However sometimes making a lot of noise and becoming BIGGER than your challenge isn’t always the best route forwards. Sometimes the best motivation (I have discovered) is through Winnie-The-Pooh humming and Piglet-like stealth. Then it’s a about side stepping in and snatching your prize before even YOU have noticed what’s going on.)