What the Stork Brought

King of the Man Cubs


Spraying People Gold and Other Ideas

I believe that our lives are enriched or depleted by the quality of ideas that we let into our mind.

For example.

Naughty N told me today (and I know she won’t mind me sharing this) that Spouser should most certainly be treating her like an utter princess. After all they have been married for over twelve years (I think?) and she hath bore him a tribe of sprogs. So she told him her idea.

Spouser said, “give me some ideas on how this can be achieved.”

So we made a list for him

Play Music To The People Who Have Gone

Life Design Action: Play music to the people who have gone.

Requires: tunes, something to play them on and your Big Heart

Does not require: graveyards, churches or crems.

(As someone who has said some sudden goodbyes, I believe we owe it to the people who died to

play our music loudly,

live our lives fully,

love ourselves and others with as much heart as we can muster.

After all, we still get to dance on this incredible planet so let’s make the bloody most of it.)