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The Ads v Bethan Christmas Bake Off

So after being a massive show off about how I have stretched so many personal comfort zones, it has suddenly occurred to me that there is one major area where I have no confidence at all. It is an area that isn’t exactly life threatening, but it IS limiting.

Break Your Groove Grr

Life Design Action: Break Your Groove Grr

Requires: A Groove Marathon (see below the below bit)

Does not require: 1960s flower power.

(Why is it that sometimes Doing What You Should Do is so easy? And why is it that other times Doing What You Know You Should Do is so hard? Sometimes you are frolicking and splashing in a beautiful pool of chlorinated Doingness shouting “woo-hoo! I’m doing it!”, then other times you are sitting on the edge of the pool wishing you could jump in yet are glued to the side getting goose-bumps. What is this annoying Not Doing What We Want To thing? And how can we break it?)