An 8 Week Old Baby And Expecting Again?! Oh.

Life Design Action: Embrace the Adventure

Requires: Sturdy chairs, good timing and appropriate locations

Does not require: Humourlessness


Tramezzini At Night

Last Friday something sensational happened.

Ads and his biz partner launched their evening dining experience. Up until now Tramezzini has been open six days a week. It sells mouth watering cakes, quiches, sandwiches (these aren’t normal sandwiches) and light lunches.

Quite simply, it is the best place to eat.

In the world.

Side Step Motivation

Life Design Action: Side Step Motivation

Requires: Stealth, side ways glances and your innate Jedi powers (trust me kid – you’ve got them).

Does not require: Motivational videos, Anthony Robbins enthusiasm or any hype … or noise. In fact noise is bad.

(Think “motivation” and if you’re anything like me images of air punching. And “you can DO IT!”s. And spittle showers. Motivation is all about powering up, revving up and preparing to zoom forwards. However sometimes making a lot of noise and becoming BIGGER than your challenge isn’t always the best route forwards. Sometimes the best motivation (I have discovered) is through Winnie-The-Pooh humming and Piglet-like stealth. Then it’s a about side stepping in and snatching your prize before even YOU have noticed what’s going on.)