From Ches Lounge To Wah Lah In Three

Life Design Action: From Ches Lounge to Wah Lah in Three

Requires: These three steps

Right, so you’re up for hanging with the Comfort Zone Butterflies … but what if you aren’t sure quite HOW to get out of the hammock/ches lounge/bed/lounger of choice? You know you want to pioneer a new lifestyle habit, a new way of being in relationship, a new business, a new venture, but you’ve been vertical for so long. How do you begin?

Like Loves Like

Life Design Attitude: Like loves Like
Have you ever heard of the idea that “like attracts like” – that we are constantly attracting things that match our energetic vibration? I’ve been aware of this for a long time and in the past have attempted to consciously shift my energy in order to attract in what I wanted. For me the breakthrough came when I stopped trying to change my energy, but instead tapped into my true energy – my gorgeousness. By focusing on growing this unique me-ness, I started to experience increasing amounts of synchronicity and “coincidence”. Over time my energy has become powerfully aligned with what I want to create, hence why what happens is generally good.

(Except when I accidentally hit a Rahh Wave and then attract more Rahh Waves and eventually a Tidal Rahh Wave. At which point, I usually remember that Like Attracts Like and make a concerted inner peace effort. Don’t judge.)