Roo’s Slow Down Scheme

Three ways to s-l-o-w down …


Fruits of the Loft Space

So in all of my loftiness and nest building/making adventures, the attic has yielded some interesting fruit.

The most amazing treasure of all has been this …

Trapeze Through Transition …

… Without Losing Your Nerve.

There are six days to go until this crazy pregnancy journey is due to complete and the next phase to begin. Looking back, the whole journey has been a pendulum swinging through transition. The transition from:
1.non-preg, lah-lah-lah to Oh My God, I’m pregnant
2.underground wildness to herbal tea and cosying old life vision to a new life vision
4.long winter to daffodil spring

Old stuff … on your way!

Life Design Action: Clear Out The Old

Requires: A bit of cut throat-ness

I think – and don’t quote me on this – but I THINK Spring might have arrived.

Splashy yellow daffs are beaming from the verges and from behind little sign posts on the roads. The sun is shining again. And when this happens, it just feels RIGHT to look around your home environment to see what’s now old, what’s become toxic, what’s a bit wasteful, and what you just don’t need to be tolerating anymore …

Where Your Focus Goes, Your Energy Flows

Life Design Attitude: Where your focus goes, your energy flows

Requires: Eyes, brain and will

Does not require: Thinking about landslips or giving birth on a shower curtain

Whatever you choose to focus on is what you will start to see and what you see creates your personal reality. If you focus on the negative, on the blips, on the things you don’t like about a person or yourself – that is what you will experience. Choose to focus on the path forward, what you love about yourself and your life and others and everything else will simply fall away.