An 8 Week Old Baby And Expecting Again?! Oh.

Life Design Action: Embrace the Adventure

Requires: Sturdy chairs, good timing and appropriate locations

Does not require: Humourlessness


Like Loves Like

Life Design Attitude: Like loves Like
Have you ever heard of the idea that “like attracts like” – that we are constantly attracting things that match our energetic vibration? I’ve been aware of this for a long time and in the past have attempted to consciously shift my energy in order to attract in what I wanted. For me the breakthrough came when I stopped trying to change my energy, but instead tapped into my true energy – my gorgeousness. By focusing on growing this unique me-ness, I started to experience increasing amounts of synchronicity and “coincidence”. Over time my energy has become powerfully aligned with what I want to create, hence why what happens is generally good.

(Except when I accidentally hit a Rahh Wave and then attract more Rahh Waves and eventually a Tidal Rahh Wave. At which point, I usually remember that Like Attracts Like and make a concerted inner peace effort. Don’t judge.)

Every woman needs

A room of her own   I don’t have a room of my own. I have a house where its all about the free-flow. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and not only are there two children, two cats and a man in my bed, but also mobile phones blinking from the bedside table, emails to be […]

Somethings I learned …

On Our Journey To The House & The Hill 1. If you choose to take a resin energy pyramid as a gift for your friends, note that it contains copper coils, iron filings, as well as myriad crystals. This will show up in the baggage scanner. 2. When asked to explain an energy pyramids purpose […]

Pack All Ya Baggage In A Brown Paper Bag

Life Design Action: Pack all ya baggage in a brown paper bag

Requires: Your baggage, a journey and a brown paper bag

Does not require: Rucksacks, holdalls, carry bags, handbags, luggage cases, suitcases or any other sorts of bags. Just a brown paper one. Bigger than a sweet bag. Unless you are blessed with minimal baggage.

(It would appear that travelling freely towards an exceptional life experience is severely hampered by excess baggage. Nothing to worry about. It’s all perfectly natural. As humans everyone collects baggage; Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ. Even Walt Disney. The trick it knowing how, where and when to let it go.)