Change the Conversation

Life Design Action: Change the Conversation

Requires: Awareness and word watching

Does not require: A remote control. You’ve got to literally get up and change the record.


Champion your child’s dreams – hard as it may be

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a child? That moment when you were absolutely inspired to reach for a certain dream? The response we got from our parents regarding our dreams were instrumental in our sense of self belief and expansion. When our parents showed belief in us, we experienced a new belief in ourselves. Equally, the responses we offer our own children provide them with a doorway into a world of possibility. Who knows if your child’s dream will sustain, however the gift of self belief will help build a life extraordinary.

The Shift Gift

I was sitting in the garden on the first day of September. It was a lovely ambient moment, sipping pearl flower tea and telling Fosbury in a rather humorous way about my awful not-very-humorous pregnancy mood swings (think swinging axe/ guillotine) when suddenly there was an almighty BANG and a riccoshading explosion of glass.