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During January when everything was hard and the hospital had told me that the baby wasn’t growing …

and they wanted to induce me …

and work was intensive …

and I had loads of other stuff going down …

during all of THAT,

I took flight.

To my second Sanctuary.

To stay with the Fosbury Goddess in her beautiful new house. The house is named after the sun. The floors are wooden, the ceilings are like the sky. There is a sun terrace that is abundant in plants and captures the rays like a cupped hand bowl. There is also a room where I can sleep … with a desk and paper and a soft bed with scatter cushions, the colours of which sooth my soul.

On this particular visit, the Fosbury Goddess knew that I’d been struggling through some mole tunnel times and as a beautiful, generous treat she had booked me into another healing nook; BlissKi.

BlissKi is a healing pocket of Greenwich.

The House of Bethan

It was created and manifested by intuitive energy healer and psychologist, Michelle – a wonderful lady who I have been to see a couple of times before. I can’t describe how thankful I felt when Fosbury Goddess told me I had a session booked on a Sunday. Michelle had opened especially to see me, which in itself felt like a healing gesture.

When I arrived there on the Sunday, the door opened and I stepped over the threshold. Outside I left London, inside I met a melting sense of serenity. Already my body was sighing. Sighhhh.

The House of Bethan

“Wow! What a lovely bump!” Michelle gasped as I took off my coat. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” I said, then poured out just a little of the water from my stress jug.

Michelle listened with the listening of the Healing Listener.

“So, I’ve come to London to get away from everything. I needed a breath of fresh air.” Then added, “Metaphorically speaking.”

Michelle laughed. “That’s funny. I’ve just come back from the New Forest where I wanted to recharge my batteries.”

The House of Bethan

Isn’t it peculiar where we go to find a little peace and quiet? Me, the Gorgeousness Girl from the Isle of Wight, travels to the city to be free and autonomous whereas the BlissKi Healer travels to the edge of the Isle of Wight to escape the fumes and do the same?

Michelle then helped me get comfortable on the bed, propped me up here and there, then gently began her work.

I don’t tend to receive healing from many people.

I’m a bit fussy about who interferes with my energy field.

In fact, now I think about it, Michelle is probably the only person who I 100% trust. As she works with your energy, strange sensations begin to move over and through you. Parts of your body become almost excruciatingly hot, whilst others are soothed with coolness. When this happens it is a moment of choice; surrender to the energy or resist.

Because I trust Michelle it is easy to surrender.

The House of Bethan

As she continues to move around your energy field, you lose the ability to know where she is and suddenly you aren’t sure whether she’s by your head or your feet. Then finally, it is as though she has twelve hands working in a dozen different places.

The House Of BethanAs she moves to work with the energy above the Bump, my baby started to move and wriggle. He shifted and turned and cartwheeled inside me like he never had before. At points it was almost uncomfortable how much he was squiggling about. Then I felt someone physically touching (for the first time) the top of my head and at the same time, a hand was laid on my belly. There was one final movement and then the baby settled down completely.

“Did you feel the baby go wild?” I asked Michelle, once the session had been completed. “I couldn’t believe it!”

Michelle’s face broke into the most gorgeous smile. “Yes, it always happens when I work with pregnant women. Your energy was imbalanced on one side of your body and he has been trying to stay in the flow of it by squeezing himself towards your right ribcage.”

I gasped and propped myself up on my elbows. “That’s so strange. He constantly is in there.” I gestured to my right lower ribs, which is where the baby seemed to constantly kick and push and stay. “He relaxed when you put your hand on my head and my bump.”

“That was when I aligned your crown chakra with his,” Michelle explained. “Except I didn’t put my hand on your head. That was the energy working.”

Michelle then shared with me a few more insights she’d had during the healing. By the time I had thanked her, paid, said goodbye and stepped out into the street outside, I felt like a different person. A vessel of Zen; a greenhouse of peace; a walking Sanctuary of gorgeousness.

The House of Bethan

That trip to BlissKi was the turning point in my January Mole Tunnel Struggle. The energy gently pushed me forward, out of the anxiety and worry and into a lovely new space. As I took the train back home, I smiled out of the window as chaos and people and bustling and noise surrounded me and I felt a little like a baby in a womb; my crown chakra aligned with the Universe just as my baby’s was with mine.

The House Of Bethan


If you are in London and even if you are not in London, book yourself to see Michelle at BlissKi.    Your energy will love you for it! And when you do, please give Michelle Reid’s and my LOVE. xxx


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