Sunshine Smoothie Recipe (for Energetic Gorgeousness)

Not only is Ads a sensational father to Pix, Roo and the Man Cub, but he’s also a passionate and talented chef.

This is good.

For all of us.

You see, when I wheedle around and say, “Ads, I need you to make me all this food on my well being plan”, he doesn’t JUST make it for me … he also adds his own little twists and magic to make everything taste delicious.

Then I can then share it with you!

This is the Sunshine Smoothie – by Ads. But I made up the name.

The House of Bethan

Not only does this smoothie taste very, very, very nice (if you shut your eyes and drink it, you will be transported to a tropical paradise in Thailand or Malaysia) … it also has some highly energising ingredients.

1. Coconut water – Coconut water is been hailed as the ultimate messiah of the healthy drink cult. It is oozing with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and yet is very low in fat, with only 50 calories in each cup. It is packed full of potassium, calcium and chloride meaning that it hydrates the body and replenishes the body’s energy levels to enormous levels.

2. Bananas – Bananas give you energy the right way. Each one contains three natural sugars. The first two, glucose and fructose are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This means they will give you an energy boost. The third sugar, sucrose is slow releasing. It keeps your blood sugar level stable, unlike the sugar contained in sweets and energy drinks which make sugar levels crash.

Nanas aren’t just good for physical energy, but also zing up your brain too.  They are high in potassium (energising the brain and making us more alert and receptive to learning) and magnesium (which improves concentration and focus).

Just what a girl with baby-brain needs.

3. Ginger –  Google ginger and you’ll find an abundance of articles around its health giving properties. In the Ayurvedic tradition particularly, ginger is highly regarded as having many diverse healing properties however is mostly used to heal the digestive tract. The result? Better assimilation of nutrients in food and more energy from the food. Ginger is also known for its value as a stimulant, making it the perfect ingredient for an energy-enhancing smooth-ayyy.




4 thoughts on “Sunshine Smoothie Recipe (for Energetic Gorgeousness)

  1. I bought a smoothie maker years ago and have used it half a dozen times since! I never seem to quite get round to it … If I buy the ingredients they go off or if I want to make one when I don’t have the ingredients! But maybe one day… xxx

    • C, I have had that issue too. My trick is to create a place of regal importance in the kitchen for the Smoothie Maker (if its out of sight in a cupboard it is out of mind). Then get some basic ingredients; pineapple, banana, pears etc and put them in their own special fruit bowl next to the Royal Smoothie Maker. Then gaze at them wondrously. I bet you will then make a smoothie!! Somehow by allowing the tools and ingredients feel special, they take on a certain specialness and we honour them by using them. xxx

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