Start with the end in mind

Life Design Action: Start with the end in mind

Whatever your aim or intention, visualising your goal as if it has Already Happened has powerful results. The reason for this is that when you design a picture in your mind of your aim as if already been achieved, you will begin to create the internal states of a person who has achieved that result. This means you will begin to feel like that sort of person, think like that sort of person and hence take the actions and see the results of that sort of person. By starting with the end in mind we can literally work backwards, creating the internal climate to grow the sort of gorgeous goals we desire.


5am Garden Meditation

(You don’t have to do this at 5am but aim to practise in the early morning when it is just you and the birds awake). For a long timeĀ I used the birdcage as a symbol in my writing and illustrative work. To me it represented the primitive, wild nature of humanity becoming free of restrictive […]

Facing Your Body Fears

Stepping beyond the zones of what we know can be terrifying. Beginning to explore your body and paths to self acceptance requires daring and courage too. How can we overcome our body terror and begin the journey?