Where Your Focus Goes, Your Energy Flows

Life Design Attitude: Where your focus goes, your energy flows

Requires: Eyes, brain and will

Does not require: Thinking about landslips or giving birth on a shower curtain

Whatever you choose to focus on is what you will start to see and what you see creates your personal reality. If you focus on the negative, on the blips, on the things you don’t like about a person or yourself – that is what you will experience. Choose to focus on the path forward, what you love about yourself and your life and others and everything else will simply fall away.


Have You Got Permission To Do That?

I suddenly realized this last night when a girl on my workshop kicked over her cup of black coffee and got up to make herself another one and I said “no, you can’t go! You’ll miss this very important and exciting piece of content!”

Facing Your Body Fears

Stepping beyond the zones of what we know can be terrifying. Beginning to explore your body and paths to self acceptance requires daring and courage too. How can we overcome our body terror and begin the journey?