Tramezzini At Night

Last Friday something sensational happened.

Ads and his biz partner launched their evening dining experience. Up until now Tramezzini has been open six days a week. It sells mouth watering cakes, quiches, sandwiches (these aren’t normal sandwiches) and light lunches.

Quite simply, it is the best place to eat.

In the world.


Just Bake the Biscuit

Life Design Action: Just bake the biscuit

Requires: Awareness of your creative instincts, a recipe, some ingredients and an oven.

Does not require: Shoulds, coulds or have tos.

(Sometimes, for no reason at all, we have the inspiration to make something/do something/bake something/create something. When this happens – stop and listen. Since ancient times, the wise people have understood that our creative impulse is the breath of the Universe channeling through us and that acting upon these whims will lead us places we would never usually go. Trust your White Rabbit inspiration and follow it into Wonderland!)

Florence v Lara

Ads feeling poorly and run-down so I heroically suggested that I would make dinner and that he should put his feet up. Before collecting him from work I bought bottle of wine, everything I needed for Macaroni Cheese and then headed to Blockbuster to return his dvds (v.overdue) and rent more for his poor tired eyes to relax upon.