“Othman, is that a mosque?”

“No – a restaurant.”

“Not that. Over there.” I lean forward and point out of the windscreen at the tower, soft terracotta against the jagged mountain face. “Is THAT a mosque?”

“Yes, yes. Mosque. You wan stop? Take photo?”

Pix and Roo glance up at me. They clutch their cameras hopefully.

“No. No picture,” I tell our taxi driver. “Othman, I want to go inside the mosque.”


Air on the Road to Marrakech

Air is good.

Bloody good.

As long as it isn’t freshened, hot, tight or conditioned.

Tulip Cap and the Stress Shop

The 3 P’s: Accepting the Sweet Bullshit of Bureaucracy and flowing with it (Patience); the Art Of Not Throwing Up On Someone’s Shoes (Poise) and finally agility in all manner of Stress Defence (Pooh) … bear Zen.

If you want a man with size 10 feet, ask for one

Life Design Action: If you want a man with size 10 feet, ask for one

Requires: A question, a smile and a certain seriousness

Does not require: Blackmail or bribery.

(Sometimes we can cut out a lot of crap just by asking for what we want. We can waste time, energy and a lot of money skirting around something, trying to painstakingly get from A to B alone or hoping that what we want will appear in our lap somehow. Fact is that there is a very simple way to get what you want: ask for it.)

Side Step Motivation

Life Design Action: Side Step Motivation

Requires: Stealth, side ways glances and your innate Jedi powers (trust me kid – you’ve got them).

Does not require: Motivational videos, Anthony Robbins enthusiasm or any hype … or noise. In fact noise is bad.

(Think “motivation” and if you’re anything like me images of air punching. And “you can DO IT!”s. And spittle showers. Motivation is all about powering up, revving up and preparing to zoom forwards. However sometimes making a lot of noise and becoming BIGGER than your challenge isn’t always the best route forwards. Sometimes the best motivation (I have discovered) is through Winnie-The-Pooh humming and Piglet-like stealth. Then it’s a about side stepping in and snatching your prize before even YOU have noticed what’s going on.)

Just Bake the Biscuit

Life Design Action: Just bake the biscuit

Requires: Awareness of your creative instincts, a recipe, some ingredients and an oven.

Does not require: Shoulds, coulds or have tos.

(Sometimes, for no reason at all, we have the inspiration to make something/do something/bake something/create something. When this happens – stop and listen. Since ancient times, the wise people have understood that our creative impulse is the breath of the Universe channeling through us and that acting upon these whims will lead us places we would never usually go. Trust your White Rabbit inspiration and follow it into Wonderland!)