Some Gorgeous Press!

There is nothing like the feeling of completing something so wonderful that it gives you a rush every time you think of it. For me, I can trigger an absolute tidal wave of serotonin each time I think about the finale to the Gorgeousness Programme that I started back in November.

Steampunk Your Princess

Life Design Action: Steampunk Your Princess

Requires; Originality

Does not require: Anything pink

On Friday 13th I delivered the 2nd part of the Gorgeousness Programme to a group of teenage girls. This involved 1-1 sessions, during which I began to observe the extent to which young people today are controlled by their looks. Every girl – irrespective of their attractiveness – was internally tortured by what they perceived as their own physical imperfections and was on a desperate quest to overcome these imperfections. For each young woman their desire for physical self improvement was massively limiting their potential.

As parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings, how can we help our little ladies grow into amazing women who are destined to play BIG in this world? How can we steer them away from the media-sold ideal of becoming another pore-less princesses with tattooed eyebrows who is mute on every level bar the visual?

Rethinking the Christmas gifts we give them is a pretty good start.

The Space Embrace

Life Design Action: The Space Embrace
Requires: Space eyes
Does not require: Mind altering drugs.
You’ll notice that I don’t write much about Rah Waves these days. Taking two hours out of my week on a Thursday morning to sit with Carol McCartney Yoga Extraordinaire, being told to shut my mouth, turn off my brain and breathe, saved me.