Media & Articles


STYLE OF WIGHT MAGAZINE – Jan/Feb 2013 – Turning Resolutions into Results

ELLE MAGAZINE – p207 Christmas Edition 2012

WILTSHIRE NEWS – Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep – 17 November 2011

Radio Interview with Tamsin Robson on Lionheart Radio – 11th November 2011

The Brighton Magazine – Island Author Proves Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep – 17 October 2011

Perfect Imperfections – Inspiration International – Fingerprints Kreativ – 8th June 2011

Bethan Stritton In The News at the Times Educational Supplement – 7th May 2011

Grow Your Own Gorgeousness – Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking – 5th July 2010


Making the Most of Every Moment – Uplift/Lift International

Discover your Dazzling Personal Presence – Uplift/Lift International

6 Fun Ways To Get Your Family Culture Flourishing – Uplift/Lift International


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    • Hi C, yes I 100% advocate it. Having said that it would be good to know what you are looking to do with it. The Goal Mapping system is all about creating action whereas Self Mapping is about moving from your Low Self (when we fall into negativity, low confidence, self esteem etc) into High Self (us at our shimmering best and more gorgeous). My favourite mapping system of all -and one that I use all the time with coaching clients is Life Mapping. If you think about it, everything we do is driven by who we are being. Every challenge, project or situation we step into it is WHO WE ARE BEING in that situation that really determines our success. The Life Mapping system is simple and effective in that it creates an internal blueprint of yourself being your best. I create Life Maps for health and fitness, Life Maps for who I am when I am delivering a seminar and Life Maps for who I aim to be in 1-1 coaching. You can even use it for being your best as a parent, friend or self nurturer! Its versatility is endless. Here’s the link for free downloads

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