Close The Door Behind You (and Farewell House of Bethan)

Life Design Action: Close The Door Behind You

Requires: Closing down, gratitude and taking five minutes to honour what has been

Does not require: Attachment

When happy, vibrant change is on the horizon we tend to charge forward like exuberant children and forget to look back. Yet before we really dive into the next chapter of our life adventure, its kind of important that we properly end the last chapter.

When we honour what we’ve learned, what we’ve been through and how we’ve evolved, we are set free. 

We also set the scene for more happiness.


Dear House of Bethan Folk,

I’ve not been about much on here recently … except to post a few pictures here and there. In fact, looking back at recent posts, The House has begun to feel a little like an art gallery!

Here are the two reasons I’ve been away:

1. A small, very cute 5 week old baby  who’s needs are simple yet strangely time/hand and brain consuming.

2. I’ve been packing up posts from this blog and moving them across to Blog of Bethan Christopher. Backwards and forwards I’ve been trekking, at the speed of a snail in a rickshaw! But gradually, steadily, the posts are nearly in place.

Its been quite an adventure sorting through all of the archives and seeing where my journey has taken me. At times I’ve felt a bit emotional about making the move … but then I’ve paused to stand on the veranda of the new blog and stretched my arms out into the spacious, exotic sky.

The New Place feels to me a little like a Guatamalan jungle farmhouse.

It has a huge garden and a plantation of fruit trees. I have got a large airy office there, with mosquito netting on the windows (but no glass so I can hear the screeches of the jungle birds and the drumming of the cicadas … and frogs when it rains).

Its going to be a place of lush creation and is big enough to accommodate guests during retreats. Its going to be a launch pad … a place to fire something through the root system and sky system of this world; nourishing, soul enhancing, consciousness enriching.

It’s also a place where I can create the abundant, eco system of life balance that I am designing for my existence and that of Ads and the bush babies.

So, in the next few days the House Of Bethan blog will be closed down and after a while the door will be locked completely. Any subscribers will find themselves magically transported to our Rainforest Farmhouse! I hope you guys are happy to come with me!! Until we have all moved out, I will post links to the new farmhouse on here so that you can come over …

However before any of us go anywhere, I wanted to create a little art and string a few words to honour the House of Bethan …

The House Of Bethan

 Originally this blog was set up at an online nest for my handmade book, Grow Your Own Gorgeousness. The page theme I chose was quite dark; like a wood, with vines creeping all over it. I had pictures of the book stacked in piles outside the backdoor of the Sanctuary, framed by the lavender plants and a link to Etsy and Folksy.

The House of Bethan

Gradually, over the months the blog became a place where I could capture thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Little did I know that it was documenting my own path into deeper realms of self acceptance and love. Through weekly posts I began to find my voice and move through the fear of being heard. The blog became a safe place for me to nurture creativity and a connected writing life.

The House of Bethan

I wrote my way through sad times, happy times and “rahh waves” stressful times. There were many times when it took huge courage to press that “publish” button! I wrote my way through the break up of my marriage and with the support of humour and friends and adventures, wrote my way into healing. By this time Grow Your Own Gorgeousness had been published and found its way to a journalist at the Times newspaper!!

The House of BethanIn August 2012, following an arduous bootcamp adventure with Naughty N, The House was Freshly Pressed … the ultimate WordPress accolade. Thank you WordPress folk!

The House of Bethan

And that’s when I realised that the House had begun to grow a family of it’s own. A lovely tribe of visitors and subscribers who didn’t always say hi, but would pop in nonetheless. I’ve met some lovely folk here over the years.

The House of BethanAnd throughout it all, I feel like I’ve become a much freer person. A free bird who has some strong wings to fly away from all sorts of birdcages; mind, body and soul.

The House of Bethan

All in all, a gorgeous House to have built, inhabited and journeyed through.

I’m a tiny, teensy bit sad to be leaving, but like when we moved to the Sanctuary and me and PIx felt sad to be leaving the old house, I said to her “Pix, it isn’t the walls, its the family who live there who create the space. We aren’t really leaving our home. We are taking our home with us and settling it somewhere new … somewhere bigger with more light and a garden.”

And that is just what I’m telling my  little inner Bethan right now.

Life changes. We change. The family grows, as our gorgeousness does … And eventually there comes a time to spread our wings a little wider and find a bigger piece of sky. And as the wonderful Oprah Winfrey says,

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

So …

The House of Bethan

You have been amazing.



14 thoughts on “Close The Door Behind You (and Farewell House of Bethan)

  1. Awww…..yeeeeessss. Can I be one of that little tribe wearing a heart for clothing? It’s good to say a proper farewell. All houses, virtual or real, appreciate it. I am happy to be magically transported. Sounds like fun.

      • 🙂 I am quite fascinated by the opening and closing of doors. In the house I like to close doors. But I am terrible about closing cupboard doors. My children when they were at home were hopeless about closing any doors except their bedroom ones. We have complex relationships with doors. 😀

      • I completely agree Gallivanta. Doors are such a discussed yet over-looked object and symbol. Entrances and exits; ways to shut in and shut out; locked or unlocked; closed and open … I once saw a psychic when I was 17. She told me about my old doggy, a Dalmation called George. “I can see doors,” the psychic said. “I can see doors opening and closing…” I was baffled until later that night when I sat up in bed and realised my whole relationship with that dog revolved around throwing biscuits on the floor in the kitchen then leaping to get out of the door and closing it before he could follow me …
        I wonder what a evolving door would symbolise? Going around in circles? A dysfunctional relationship? Being repetitive? hehe xxx

      • Or always open minded? Ummm…speaking of doors. I don’t know how to leave a comment on your new post. I am feeling a bit locked out. 😦 It’s such a cute loving thank you post.

      • Hello Gallivanta! Sorry for taking so blinking long to get back to you or even publish your comment. I have spoken to Mr Web Man and he’s been called off else where so at the moment I can’t get him to unlock the comment door. I will do though. In the mean time I’m going to continue using The House of Bethan as a bit of an art gallery and any posts for the Jungle Studio will be published on here too. I think this blog moving headache is what I see as a revolving door!! xxx

      • 😀 Well, I am glad there is actually something that requires fixing by Mr Web Man. Glad for my sake because sometimes I think it’s just me being computer illiterate when I strike difficulties.

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