Don’t be afraid …

Don’t be afraid to make a stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

The House of Bethan


10 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid …

  1. Hi Bethan, nice to see you the other day and the little one! As for standing alone, if we find ourselves standing alone amongst many then we should challenge our beliefs in case we are alone because we are, simply, wrong. That’s not to say that a majority is ‘right’, far from it!

    • Great to see you! Your daughter is lovely and completely stunningly beautiful too.

      Haha, love the controversial response to my quote DAVID!!! Grrr. I might post an amended version with (just as long as you’ve made sure that you’re not wrong first) in brackets underneath. Belief is a crazy old thing though, isn’t it? For anyone who believes anything that is the TRUTH for them and they will see it and experience it because they’ve accepted it as the way things are. In essence, I don’t think any belief is wright or wrong … Right and wrong are simply judgements that humankind have decided upon and accepted in the mass. Eek, this sweeping statement is going to launch a debate isn’t it?? xxx

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