What the Stork Brought

The House Of Bethan

Reid Tiago

The House of Bethan

Born in the Sanctuary, at 05.17 on the 31/03/2014

Weighing in at 8.7lbs.

No drugs, no TENS machine, no cheese plant.

Just a space, an intention, a visualisation, an Ads and one super powered body of strength and baby making gorgeousness. The outcome?

The House of Bethan

Reid Tiago.

King of Man Cubs.



27 thoughts on “What the Stork Brought

  1. Wonderful, wonderful news. Welcome, welcome Reid Tiago. The Sanctuary has been blessed. Was the shower curtain required? Heaps of hugs and happiness from the other end of the world. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Galli. The Sanctuary can barely contain the happiness … It is spilling out of the windows and flooding down the roads!

      Yes, we used the shower curtain, but under a sheet though as it was a bit crackly. The labour started at 11pm on Mother Day and by 5.17 he was born! The midwife told me a couple of days later when she came to check Reid that whilst she has been delivering babies for 25 years, there is still a feeling of mild anxiousness when you are awoken in the middle of the night and are driving to a home birth. After all, you never know what you will find. But she said driving to this birth she had a strange sense of serenity and peace and that it was the calmest delivery she has done in her whole career. This made me feel v reassured that the space had truly been prepared and the buttercup shower curtain was there in spirit …

      Loads of love to you. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your guests. xxx

      • And he is a bonny size too! My guests have left and my sanctuary is feeling empty. My youngest, my son, has left home, this week, to live in another part of the country. So, I rather liked the idea of your little boy arriving in your sanctuary as my, no longer little, boy left mine.

      • Ah, sorry to hear that Gallivanta. Its always a strange feeling when the house has been a hive of activity and then that stops. It feels disjointed for a while doesn’t it? Has your boy moved far away? xxx

      • Well, he is still in NZ but it would take me the best part of a day to travel to him. However, at his age, I went off to live in Africa, so, really, he isn’t that far away. 😉

      • What these young gallivantas do to their mums, hey? When I was 17 I flew to India and the last thing my petrified mother said was, “please, please don’t go to Kashmir.” The next day I rang her from Srinagar saying, “guess where I’ve come to stay for a month and half.” xxx

  2. Congratulations Bethan, Ads & family. What a beautiful time for you all. The pictures capture it perfectly. xx

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