What Message Will You Find In The Garden Centre?

Lately, I’ve been banging on a bit about International Women’s Day. I’ve also been pouring out quite a lot of colour.

Chances are that once this bump emerges as a baby, there will be some pauses in the colour.

Instead of scribbling, I will be found asleep in random places, holding a baby in one arm, a Sharpie in the other, with dribble on my chin.

My dribble – not the baby’s.

But that is all to come …

Lets talk about TODAY!

DAY of International Women’s Gorgeousness!

To mark the goodness and send some positive vibes across the globe, I have created you something extra special.

It is called The Garden Centre of Gorgeousness.

Or the Gorgeousness Garden Centre.

(You can choose).

You can also choose your very own tree from the Gorgeousness Garden Centre … Which one will you go for?

The House of Bethan

The tree you feel drawn to will be the tree for you. Once you know it, scroll down the page, find the tree that sings to your heart and click! You will then be taken to a page where you can unearth a little bit of your intuitive nature …

The House Of Bethan

I love the idea of a Gorgeousness Garden Centre …

The House of Bethan

 It makes me think that in the centre of us is a greenhouse …

The House of Bethan

… or poly-tunnel that is packed full of potential for our growth …

The House of Bethan

 A place where there are already fruit trees and hibiscus flowers blooming …

The House of Bethan

but also plenty of other bulbs …

The House of Bethan

… and seeds …The House of Bethan

… that can grow beautifully …

The House of Bethan

… when we decide to water them.

The House of Bethan

Wishing you a fantastic day. xxx

PS. If you haven’t already … please remember to go to my Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Facebook page and also The Mother Goddess Facebook page and LIKE, INVITE friends and SHARE both of the pages. One you have done that you will be entered into a draw to win three signed copies of my book Grow Your Own Gorgeousness and a limited edition, handmade Mother Goddess sculpture. xxx


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