Old stuff … on your way!

Life Design Action: Clear Out The Old

Requires: A bit of cut throat-ness


I think – and don’t quote me on this – but I THINK Spring might have arrived.

Splashy yellow daffs are beaming from the verges and from behind little sign posts on the roads. The sun is shining again.

And when this happens, it just feels RIGHT to look around your home environment to see what’s now old, what’s become toxic, what’s a bit wasteful, and what you don’t need to be tolerating anymore. Don’t you reckon?

 Its the perfect time to schedule a day to clear out old papers; get rid of expired food; flick through journals filled with old toxic feelings and decide whether you need them or not; recycle pads full of ancient to-do lists. There’s nothing more liberating than realising how much you no longer need. And then, opening a window, letting in the fresh air and letting the OLD go …


Spring Nest Building

Spring + Nest Making Hormones = Sparkly Sanctuary

   Over this last week I have spent entire afternoons with my bottom poking out of various cupboards; rummaging through drawers and cabinets; taking great sacks of STUFF  getting Ads to take great sacks of STUFF to the local charity shops.

 Initially I thought this bizarre clearing/organising was pent up energy from years of jogging that had finally exploded after 8+ months of non-use. But according to everyone else,  I am Nesting.

One of the places I’ve nested is the loft.

 I have spent more time nesting the loft than anywhere else (peculiar as its not like the baby is going to live up there). I think my attraction to the loft is that its quiet. When I sit up there, cross legged in the semi darkness, I feel like I’m in some steaming cloud forest somewhere.  Roo and Pix don’t come in. And as I forage, I its like being INSIDE one massive time capsule of my life.

So far I have worked my way through a tonne of photo albums, then lovingly stored them away.

Bin-liner upon bin-liner of old clothes have all gone.

I’ve found reams of writing that I would once have stashed lovingly away, but this time I have looked at and allowed myself to release.

Generally it has been very cathartic and a good process. The only things I’m a bit stumped by are these:


The House of BethanHalf finished journals of all shapes, sizes, colours and bindings.

The House of Bethan

Small ones …

The House of Bethan

Tiny, weeny ones ….

The House of Bethan

 I have gone through all of the journals that hold old feelings and rants and wonderings. These have been incinerated so no bin-man will ever read my deepest secrets. (I know that some people get funny about throwing away bank statements etc as they hold lots of personal details. I am WAY more worried about people reading my diaries!)

After some serious, cut throat, journal burning, I have now been left with a pile that contain ideas, reflections, thoughts as well as doodles, stories and sketches.

The House of Bethan

Which leaves just thirty.

Still a little excessive.


Do you have a time capsule in your loft? If you do, I there anything that you just can not bare to let go of?


6 thoughts on “Old stuff … on your way!

  1. I have often thought about making my attic a sanctuary! It’s a nice, quiet, cocooned environment but rather too full of the stored belongings of my offspring to be actually converted to a real sanctuary. My dear, I am sure you are nesting, but doesn’t it feel wonderful!

    • An attic sanctuary. That sounds nice doesn’t it? If there was a sky light there could even be some nice plants and a desk and … hmmmm. My attic is quite empty of my belongings. I think they may be stashed in my mum’s!!! xxx

      • I did consider a skylight and a desk, and all that, but, really, now that I am almost an empty nester the sanctuary doesn’t seem so urgent. And, yes, I suspect your mother will have a stash of your stuff. It’s what children do 😉 .

      • Almost an empty nester?? But not quite?

        I am going to get Ads to make me that summer house I keep talking about. Otherwise the journals will need their pot/pan holder to cling to I think … xxx

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