PLEASE VOTE HERE!! Bodies Are For Life …

… not just for looking good in.
But lets face it, most of us care more about what jeans make our bum look sexy than whether we are healthy, vibrant and in peak performance/loving life.
I am looking at putting together an online Gorgeousness Programme focused on helping people whose quality of life is being messed around by negative body image and want to finally be free of it. This programme will be designed to help people get in touch with their own unique gorgeousness and fully unleash that in their lives an din the world.
In order to get it off the ground though, I need to know whether its something people would use …
Do you or does anyone you know have low self esteem caused by negative/altered body image? This could be a general downer/shame/issue with how you look or one specific part of your body. Or it could be a shift in body image caused by an illness like cancer. Have you ever experienced an eating disorder or has your time and focus been eaten up with a preoc…cupation with “fixing” your physical self?
Do you think that an online Grow Your Own Gorgeousness course with a workbook filled with extra resources and ways forward would be something that you (or maybe a friend, family member or your child – male OR female) would find helpful? If you think it would – or wouldn’t – can you let me know in the comments box, or if you want to keep it confidential, email me at You could just write YES but I am massive open to ideas, thoughts, feedback, suggestions etc, challenges you have with the idea etc.
The response to this post is a major part in determining whether the Gorgeousness Programme will happen, so if you can take two minutes to put your stake for Gorgeousness in the ground (possibly re-blog this if you want?) or send me some thoughts then please, please do.

28 thoughts on “PLEASE VOTE HERE!! Bodies Are For Life …

    • Thank you Gallivanta. Its funny that so may people would JUMP on a course that would promise to make them LOOK better but everyone goes tight lipped when someone says maybe we need to start FEELING better about the way we look. I put a shout out on Facebook to over 2000 people and the response has been minimal. Its crazy because we all know there is a market but everyone seems too scared to admit it. It pisses me off a bit. xxx (Clearly going to bed at 3am isn’t good for my moodiness)

      • I went to bed at 3 am! Lol. I was talking to my mother on the phone in Australia. Trying to do visualisation exercises with her to relieve her sick bed stress. But there is some interesting research on the value of online tools for help with mental health which I think would apply equally to help with feeling good about the way we look. If I get round to it, my next post will sort of touch on the issue of how I feel about the way I look. I will let you know when it is finished. You may have some interesting ideas/suggestions.

      • Aww, no way!! How funny. I hoe your mum is okay Gallivanta. It must be really tough to be a long way from someone you love when they are poorly. Do you think the tele-visualisations helped at all? Please do let me know when your post is written as I’d love to hear about your relationship with your body (as someone I sense has their head screwed on and a mind of their own). Link it here so anyone coming to this post can find more of the conversation. Hope you get some nap time and someone kindly offers to massage your feet xxx

      • Not sure if they worked! I am waiting to hear if she slept any better last night or if I just stirred up more restlessness. Geriatric care or guidelines, or the ones I have read, are very hit and miss. I don’t think we fully understand aged care yet and what is best.

      • The fact you were trying is amazing Gallivanta. I am having some very interesting challenges with my granddad at the moment. He’s been living with my mum since my gran died in September and he’s so confused most of the time. He is teaching me many a lesson in patience and unconditional pleasantness. xxx

  1. I think it would help. I have personal experience of the problem trying to tell yourself the difference between something you know is logically true (my body is awesome, it goes up mountains) and how you feel (I hate my legs, they are so muscle-y that they don’t fit in normal wellies). Telling yourself doesn’t really work; it’s very hard to challenge your own inner critic. But with some external guidance- like challenging questions, exercises to make you see things differently, you get a sort of ammo-box of things to fire at the inner critic 🙂

    • Exactly Kayt. An ammo-box that will arm you with the tools to banish the inner critic for long enough to recondition your mind. PS. I love chunky legs (I have them too) – they stand strong, powerful and full of stamina. Flipping gorgeous. xxx

  2. Hi bethan. What a great and totally worthwhile idea. As you know I teach high school students and am struck by the sheer enormity of the issue of low self esteem and all the associated issues that I with this. Brilliant and best of luck with it!

  3. i think it s well needed . how we feel affects our life ,our mood .. i wish i d ve been on a corse like this maybe i d ve dealt with my eating disorder sooner and differently . … history repeats itself my mother too was …is anorexic … we need thing s like this to help break the cycle . ..

    • I agree completely Abs. The cycle is created even whilst little babies are in the womb. I’ve been researching it a lot and its pretty fucked up. Its also mad that many people think of super slim people as having high self esteem when often their body image is as screwed as people who are massively overweight. The beauty about shifting your body image is that it creates a foundation of self worth that triggers choices that are balanced, pro-health and self loving. This is what leads to good health. When the online course is ready I’ll make sure you are sent a link and you can start using the tools asap xxx

  4. I think it’s a great idea and I for one wish I spent more time focusing on well being rather than covering up my belly. I find myself in a constant battle and only last night I wrote a less/more list but today I found a hidden chocolate stash so my good intensions melted away, boo xxxx

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    • Hehe, maybe you should forget about stash and just put something really healthy on your MORE list?? Like raw chocolate. That’s actually good for you. But its also really rich so you eat a bit to much and you feel utterly sick. Someone I know in Ventnor just began a raw chocolate company called Coco and the Bean and her stuff is LUSH. xxx

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  6. Hi Bethan, my week, my body, my energy, my essence over the last several days has felt like it’s been mangulated (homemade word) and quite mentalist, which is why I haven’t responded to this blog. It has been simmering away in my thoughts but a veil of mucky mist has kept any positivity getting through.
    YEsterday I had a spa day and was able to reconnect with my georgousness and my buddah belly!
    It is essential that you get your gift of georgousness ‘out there’ it is so desperately needed, thank you for keeping me reminding me of it xxx

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