Hello 2014 …

… and goodbye 2013!

Here’s to a gorgeous new year full of happiness, joy, adventures, fun, big steps, baby steps and sitting on doorsteps looking at the night sky.

The House of Bethan

Here’s to looking forward to a myriad of tales, stories of random adventure and excitement, people, places and surprising things that we would never have dreamt up in a million years. Oh – and some chilled, ches lounge time too.

The House of Bethan

What has January 1st whisked into your world this morning?

Here, the wind is wild outside my window as I’m typing this. (It was wilder when I woke at 3.33am this morning and lay there, this little squiggly baby turning and swimming like a fish inside my tummy. I lay there, thinking about yesterday and thinking about tomorrow, then just suspending myself in the moment in a warm, dark hammock of gratitude for loved ones.)

The House of Bethan

Last night, at midnight, I heard that lots of wood has been washed up on the south beaches of the island. The coves are strewn with amazing raw material, gifted by the sea. It makes me think of the Armada ship wreaks in the olden days … And symbolic jetsam and flotsam that washes up in our lives blown in by the currents of time.

It also makes me think of the summer house that I’ve been loosely dreaming of (and Ads has loosely promised to build me) at the bottom of the Sanctuary’s garden.

We will be needing quite a lot of wood …

And wood gifted by the sea sounds like just the thing …

The House Of BethanBut right now, the wind is lashing and the summer house is just a shimmery dream. Here everyone is getting dressed and preparing for a gorgeous brunchy breakfast at the Royal Hotel. And telling me that I need to get a move on …

The House of BethanLater on though, I think we’ll stomp down to the beach and see what’s washed up on this New Years Day …

The House of Bethan

What are you going to do with you day?

I hope it is a good one, whatever you decide.

The House of Bethan

My wish for you is that this day is the foundation day for a year full of spectacular moments and hearty fire side days. Loads of kisses, loads of hugs, loads of breakthroughs and dive-ins. Lots of gratitude, comfort zone gate swinging and stitching of colourful felt dreams. With the people who you love – and love you – the most.

Happy January 1st!


15 thoughts on “Hello 2014 …

  1. Have a wonderful brunch at the Royal tomorrow. Brunch is one of my faves. No sick bag needed! Will tell you about the Hambrough another time, Xmas day meal. Off to Rapunzel at the Shanklin with the g/kids tomorrow, should be fun, I love pantos. Oh yes I do! Happy New Year to you all xx

    • Happy 2014 to you too PTSBA! I loo forward to hearing all about your lovely time over the festive season. Brunch was wonderful. We got to sit on that special table that is up the flight of stairs in the main hall. I hope we were civilised enough for it … xxx

  2. I don’t know what I will find in 2O14 but I do hope my year will include loads more of your cheerful, chirpy artwork. What did you discover washed up on the beach, by the way?

    • I am sure 2014 is likely to bring more artwork, Gallivanta. The beach was quite an adventure the other day. We went at high tide, which probably wasn’t the vest decision, but was fun. Ads and the Woodsman (do you remember from the Gnome Hat night?) headed down the beach and began plucking great planks of teak, mahogany etc out of the water. Pix followed them down, tottering in her canvas ankle boots and trying to hold her bag (containing new phone) above the water. It wasn’t long before she was knee high in waves and had to come tottering back. Roo was the next one to get sloshed. We waited and watched from the rocks for a while, then headed home for some hot chocolate and thaw out time whilst Ads and the Woodsman spent another four hours pulling in wood. I believe its still being washed up even now … xxx

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