We delight in the …

… beauty of the butterfly but rarely do we admit the changes it has been through to achieve that beauty – Maya Angelou.

The House of Bethan


8 thoughts on “We delight in the …

    • Haha, it could certainly be applied to that Gallivanta! The judges are to be announced as soon as I’ve got them confirmed … they are going to be quite an eclectic little bunch. PS. I bet you’ve got some good mince pie tips. Please share them with me!! xx

      • Oooh – does Aunt Gallivanta live in the UK? Until now mince pies (along with all other baking) have been my nemesis too. Last time I made mince pies they were hard as rocks and created an interesting lump of dough on the roof of my mouth – which is okay if you like that sort of thing, but I’m not sure it will woo our judges … xxx

      • Sadly she does not! Hey, you should check out my post on friands and say you want to change the challenge. Friands are friendly and easy 🙂 I do know my friands!

      • Oh – friands are cakes! They look lovely Gallivanta. Also, when I read Jo Seagar’s brilliant quote, I felt my entire spine go straight and a desire to purchase an apron and beat Ads out of town with in the mince pie bake off. (My confidence was slightly dented last night when he mentioned that having a dry ice machine thingy-majig delivered today …) xxx

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