The Space Embrace

Life Design Action: The Space Embrace

Requires: Space eyes

Does not require: Mind altering drugs

You’ll notice that I don’t write much about Rah Waves these days.

That is because – touch wood – I have methods which keep them at bay. Taking two hours out of my week on a Thursday morning to sit with Carol McCartney Yoga Extraordinaire, being told to shut my mouth, turn off my brain and focus on my breathing, is highly effective for Rah Wave reduction.

Life is still hectically busy. My job, my home life, my divorce-life, my internal life, still batter me with never ending avalanche of demands. But prior to attending pranayama classes, I was unable to ride the flow. There was no peace. No way to find the space to create the peace. Attending Carol’s pranayama class taught me one of the most profound things I’ve ever learned: the space to find peace is always there. We simply have to focus on the spaces between the things.

Spaces are everywhere yet most of the time we are too busy to notice them. Conditioned to focus on the Thing, we miss the small in-between bit that bridges breathing in …. and …. breathing out. We fail to focus on the space between the gap of the white lines on the road. We miss the pauses between words, between melodies.

Yet when we learn to seek out the spaces, we find that there are little gaps everywhere.

Like little windows into a world of tranquillity.

One of the spaces that I have come to ABSOLUTELY LOVE in the day has been my drive to work. I drive the same route every day. Part of the space is creating a space within the space. At Rookley, without fail, I pull in at the Co-op, purchase milk and biscuits for my group and then pause for a moment in the car, before taking out my mobile and sending a love text to whoever is on my mind.

Sometimes the drive in is quiet.

My car becomes a deep sea Zorb ball, clicking and jostled by the currents of the ocean floor.

Other days I play my music loudly and sing. On these days this mad buzz starts to grow inside me and once it starts to grow it doesn’t stop. The space in my car/my head becomes like this magical bottle, with nothing visible in it. Yet by just pumping in these AMAZING feelings its like I end up plugging into a bizarre sunshine bliss-box and something golden starts to seep into this world. It would look like a velvet ribbon of haze if you could see it, but you can’t.

You just feel it.

By the time I pull up in my CHERISHED space in the BRILLAINT long-stay car park that I LOVE because it only charges the bare minimum for a longlonglong stay, I am so pumped up and inspired by life that I’m gaining  reputation for that ridiculous woman who is far too over-chirpy at the ticket machine.

But bloody hell, work-day world! I can live with that.

Okay, so perhaps these spaces/drives aren’t exactly the windows into a world of tranquillity that I was talking about earlier, but they are still a valued space that I have found where nothing is required of me apart from singing a song.

Over the summer Carol’s pranayama class has paused as she has been away in hot, dusty lands teaching luck people to bend and stretch and connect with their internal worlds of gorgeousness. Yet this week – hurray! – she is returning and on Thursday I am going to be back, on my mat, air in these lungs and space oozing out of every pore in this body.

I’m so looking forward to it.

Where are your favourite spaces in your day? I would love to know. We could begin a Space Encyclopaedia, mapping out the unchartered Space in the world? Maybe.

PS. I’ve inserted this song called “Soak Up The Sun” as it is currently responsible for plugging me into the Sunshine Bliss Box. I only just saw the video and whilst I quite like the surf shots and jumping into the waterfall bits, seeing Sheryl Crow squirming about in the sand whilst looking airbrushed is a bit disappointing. If this is likely to turn you off pressing PLAY, it might be worth just listening with your eyes shut … or squinting a bit … (that works for me whilst watching horror movies).


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