HRT- the modern lunatic asylum?

Powerful, thought provoking piece about an experience that all women will have.

My Change View







An abridged history of the Menopause:

1800s – Publications, professionals and academics consider that hysteria and female insanity are linked to our reproductive organs.

1824 – Ovariotomy (removal of the ovaries) treatment introduced in the UK for menopause. You will be pleased to hear that women’s mortality rate improved from 50% to 11% after the introduction of anaesthetic.

1830-1900 – Women are admitted to lunatic asylums (usually by their husbands) for hysteria and menopause (stated as “cessation of periods” or “the change” on admissions records). Women had no rights at the time so you had to wait until you appeared “cured” or were busted out by family. By this time you had lost your sanity, land and children.

1849 – The physician William Tyler Smith recommended the following treatment for menopause: injecting ice water into the rectum, ice in the vagina and the application of…

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3 thoughts on “HRT- the modern lunatic asylum?

  1. I’m just catching up on your blogs tonight Bethan. And what a great blog! It puts the stereotypical view of menopause today into perspective! I went through very early menopause too and I felt very old even though I wasn’t (it was all completed by the time I was 40). I came to the conclusion that feeling old because I’d gone through something that classed me as old was definitely all in the mind – brought on by media and general consensus / society – kinda like the ‘dangling carrot of ideal beauty’ in your book Grow Your own Gorgeousness. I went without HRT but only because I thought I was too young rather than what I probably needed! Oh, the continuing joys of being a woman 😉
    C xxx

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