For Gallivanta

Gallivanta – this is for you because I think it will make you laugh before you turn in for the night.

(I think you have to enlarge the video to see it.)

In the making of these films, we would like to thank:

* Pix for letting four women of a certain age pilfer her room and use her didgeridoo, guitar and cowboy hat. (She was at school at the time and had no idea what had occurred until this morning.)

* Baffled fisherman who initially didn’t want us to borrow his lobster pot. He eventually gave in and stood there, dumb struck and gawping. He said that Return To The Sea was his favourite part. (The lobster pot was bloody heavy. I cut my thumb on a barnacle which concerned me as I haven’t had a tetanus injection since I was a child. Can you get infections from barnacles?)

* Random woman with yappy dogs who became a voluntary actor in Mermaid Rock. I think she was half genuine in her delighted shock!

Tambourine Mermaid – Lovely Sarah

Didgeridoo Mermaid – Naughty N

Guitar Mermaid – The House of Bethan

Camera Woman – Golden Curly

Dog Walker – Dog Walker


17 thoughts on “For Gallivanta

  1. Are they French? Did that one just fart? Do mermaids fart? Just mucking around. Oh, loooool, you crazy ladies! It must have been a really nice warm day to be able to be mermaids without freezing. The Isle of Wight will never be the same again, after a mermaid invasion!

  2. Hey Gallivanta! I spent a year on the IoW and feel homesick ever since. Even without the mermaids this place is MAGICAL, so be prepared for a lifelong yearning after your holiday… 😉

    • Oh dear; I will have to plan a visit very carefully. My ancestors came from the Isle of Wight and even though they left it, I feel that perhaps my feet would feel very much at home there.

      • I bet you will. Bethan told me the island is made of quartz cristal which amplifies every feeling you might have towards the place. So you either hate it or you love it – with all your heart. I am living proof for that as there is no other place on earth I feel that much at home. But you find that out for yourself…

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