Clean Your Windows

Life Design Action: Clean Your Windows

Requires: Your imagination and five minutes of time

Does not require: Household products or your marigolds

(Study ancient wisdom from all over this Earth and you’ll find similar teachings about the human body and vitality.

We are not just bone and flesh people.

Around us and through us course channels of energy, a network of unseen veins that carry our life force or chi. In the West many people are unaware of  this energy and how we can use this fifth element to move us through life, glide through crowds and step through challenges. Some people may use it consciously (and call it a whole handful of other names). Some people use it unconsciously and have no idea how it is sculpting their life. Whether you are aware of it or not, we all use energy. One way in which we can begin to access and begin to wield our personal energy is with visualisation and focusing the imagination. 

I’ve been poorly in bed today, so I decided to create us a nice little House of Bethan visualisation to help us go within our Energy House and begin to explore – and clean up – our Chi.) 

A Meditation from The House of Bethan

Find a comfortable position on a nest of cushions.

The House Of Bethan

Close your eyes and become softly aware of where your body is connected to the ground. Sense that connection. Sense that support.

The House of Bethan

Now take three deep breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your internal space becoming still and centred.

The House Of Bethan

And now perhaps imagine that at the base your spine is a room; a red room. And from this red room there is a window that looks out onto the world. What shape is this window? Is it stained glass or leaded? Explore this window with your senses and then imagine yourself polishing it clean until it sparkles.

The House of Bethan

Next focus your mind on your navel and imagine another room – a room of apricot and papaya. What sort of window does this room have? Is it clean or smeary? Is it mottled or smooth? Once again clean this window until the sunshine can pour in.

The House of Bethan

Now bring your awareness to the area between the base of your ribs. Imagine a light, brilliant room, full of sunflowers and buttercups. What sort of window is here? Once again polish it until it is like a magnifying glass beneath the sun.

The House Of Bethan

The next place is your heart; the room within your chest where Love lives. What is this room like? Soft sages and gentle rose tones? Is it cluttered or free? And what about the window here? Does it shine out like a lighthouse window? Once again polish it until it shines.

The House Of Bethan

Next is your throat. What sort of room is this one? It may be small like a cabin, or perhaps it is MASSIVE and EXPRESSIVE like a great, sweeping veranda where entire plays can take place? Where the window? Polish it clean.

The House Of Bethan

Moving your focus upwards to your forehead; the room of your mind. What colour is this room? Is it full of peacock feather thoughts and aubergine wonderings? What sort of window peers out from your mind’s eye? An oval shaped space? And what condition is the glass in? Polish the window to your soul with love.

The House Of Bethan

Finally climb your attention up the ladder and to the crown of your head. Like a magical attic space, this room is warm and golden and the sun pours in through the skylight. Imagine pushing open that skylight – wide open – and letting the brilliant sunshine pour in, melting its warmth over you.

The House Of Bethan

And then, perhaps sit there, cross legged beneath the skylight, feeling that brilliant sunshine pouring down the ladder, shining out from your forehead, shining out from your throat window, your heart window, your ribs, your navel, your basement room and then pouring down into the earth.

 The House Of Bethan

Sit for as long as you like, feeling the summer sunshine pouring into your body, revitalising your energy, realigning your gorgeousness. Until you are ready to get up.

And make yourself a beautiful juice or herbal tea.


5 thoughts on “Clean Your Windows

  1. This is lovely Bethan and well timed for me. I went to yoga on Wednesday night and loved it, by Thursday I was floored with a migraine, by Friday I felt that I was in the ‘groove’! I do suffer from migraines regularly and my yoga teacher recommended that I start by slowing my breathing while in the position of your first picture. I found that my brain refuses to slow down though! Tomorrow I’ll imagine these rooms. Do your windows visualise different things on different days depending on how you’re feeling? Do you only think positive visualisations even if you’re not feeling positive that day? Cheers, C xxx

    • Hello lovely C!
      Yoga sounds as though it is moving along fabulously. Did you manage to do the Window Meditation? In answer to your question, the windows on the rooms may change and this will be symbolic of changes in you. The subconscious mind speaks in images and pictures so be aware of any shifts and perhaps write them down when you come out of the visualisation. When people hear of symbols (such as the symbols in dreams)they often want interpretations, however, I don’t believe that anyone else can interpret your personal symbols. This is an intimate language that you need to learn to speak with your unconscious mind. Once you learn that language, begin to trust and interpret the symbols, you access a deep well of wisdom within your soul. So – in other words – don’t ask anyone else what the symbols in your mind mean but be in a gentle exploration of them. That way YOU learn the language.
      In answer to your second question, you can use positive visualisations whenever you like and whatever you feel. The days when you aren’t feeling so positive are on the days when you need the meditations more than ever. Love to you xxx

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