Like Loves Like

Life Design Attitude: Like loves Like

The House & The Hill - Creative Retreat

The House & The Hill – Creative Retreat

Have you ever heard of the idea that “like attracts like” – that we are constantly attracting things that match our energetic vibration? I’ve been aware of this for a long time and in the past have attempted to consciously shift my energy in order to attract in what I wanted. For me the breakthrough came when I stopped trying to change my energy, but instead tapped into my true energy – my gorgeousness. By focusing on growing this unique me-ness, I started to experience increasing amounts of synchronicity and “coincidence”. Over time my energy has become powerfully aligned with what I want to create, hence why what happens is generally good.

(Except when I accidentally hit a Rahh Wave and then attract more Rahh Waves and eventually I attract a Tidal Rahh Wave. At which point, I usually remember that Like Attracts Like and make a concerted Inner Peace Effort.

(Yes, I know I should know better. Don’t judge.)

Whether we’re aware or not, we are all creating our own shizzle.

People, relationships, patterns repeating-repeating-repeating. Happiness on happy days, frustration on frustrated days, half empty people on half empty days and half full people on half full days. Like attracts like. Dirt attracts dirt. Respect attracts respect. Peace attracts peace. And copper coils attract copper coils … EVEN up a mountain in France. I know this. You will see!


On the Sunday of our stay at The House & The Hill, it was warm. Jayne, Anne and myself were enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee on the veranda, when Emma climbed the steps. She looked baffled.

“Something really strange has happened. This woman has just pulled up in her car, got out and asked if she can charge up her mobile in the kitchen and use our landline to make a call.”

We looked at each other.

Anne pulled a face. “Where is she now?”

“Charging her phone. And making a call.” Emma shrugged, pulling out a chair.

She sat down and we continued drinking our coffee and talking. After a while, Anne scraped back her chair.

“I’m going to check on our house guest,” she said and hurried down the steps. She re-emerged a few moments later, looking baffled and tickled and declaring, “Well, I think she’s just about completed the call to America. Now she’s onto Japan.”

The House & The Hill - Creative Retreat

The House & The Hill – Creative Retreat

We all looked at each other and smothered laughs.

“This is bizarre.”

“It has never happened before.”

“There must be some reason that she is here. There’ll be something – some reason why she’s turned up. It’ll be something she says – or something she does – that none of us could ever have guessed.”

Time ticked on, our potatoes were baked and I had a salad to prepare. It was my turn to head down the steps, along the path and into the kitchen. When I walked in, I could hardly believe my eyes. The woman was indeed sitting at the kitchen table – but it was the WAY she was sitting there that was so unbelievably funny. One leg crossed over the other, she had the phone to her ear in one hand, a mug of tea in the other and was laughing and twittering away in French.

It was as if she was on her coffee break at work … Or sitting at her own kitchen breakfast bar in her own house!

    Doing my best not to laugh, I began my salad. As I washed the leaves, I heard the woman say au revoir to one caller, press “end call”, then start dialing up someone else. The cheek of it was astonishing. By the time the salad leaves were cut and I’d made a start on the heirloom tomatoes (it was suggested that I cut them in between each of the red folds – which was quite an art), the door opened and Jayne, Anne and Emma bundled in.

It was time.

Time to establish to Cuckoo Lady just whose nest this was.

And then It happened.

To be fair I can’t quite remember how It came about, but I think someone must have picked up the Energy Pyramid* and walked through the kitchen with it. The moment our house guest saw the pyramid, she sucked in a deep breath, started jabbing her index finger in the direction of the item and immediately ended her call.

She then jumped to her feet and began to breathlessly twitter at Emma in excited French. She pulled a necklace from the neckline of her top. On the end was a resin half sphere, filled with EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF that was in the Energy Pyramid that Jayne and I had brought across from the UK!

It had the crystals, the metal filings and the copper coil all contained within it.

The French lady then proceeded to tell Emma – in a very animated way – what the pyramid and necklace were used for. Based on the work of a man called William Reich, who creates Orgone accumulators and cloud busters the purpose of the pyramid and necklace are to transmute orgone energy (D.O.R) eg. mobile phones, overhead power cables, wi-fi, microwaves etc. into positive orgone energy (P.O.R). The Energy Pyramid also amplifies auric energy fields, helps to provide the auric energy field with positive life force (ki, chi, qi, prana, ether) and protects the energy field. (I hadn’t really explained any of this to Emma and Anne when presenting them with their pyramid. I also didn’t explain any of this to the guy who scanned my bag in customs).

But anyway …

The Orgone Energy Pyramid had attracted an Orgone Energy Necklace.

Out of every house she could have stopped at in the French Pyrenees – the lady with the Orgone necklace she had found ours.

How synchronistic is that?

Afterwards, it was as though the crazy French woman’s work was done.

She scribbled down the name of the man who had made her necklace, grabbed her mobile phone, shouted au revoir over her shoulder then vanished away into the mountain.

And that was that.

We all looked at each other.



Key Point: The first step in attracting the people and experiences you want in your life is to become aware of what you are currently attracting. For example, if you don’t want to attract crazy French women with phone-bill oblivion (hmm, I have slight phone bill oblivion. Oh dear.) Orgone Energy Necklaces, you must remove all Orgone Energy Pyramids from your house.

Next spend some time becoming clear about the repeating patterns (positive and negative) that come up for you in your life. (This sort of musing is good to do whilst curled up in a patch of sunlight, a plate of Indian mango at your side, a lot of soft cushions and a chez lounge. Chez lounge is optional.)

As you muse, wonder to yourself, “what is my predominant head space in life?” and “what do I experience/attract when I’m in that head space?”

“What is my predominant mood?” and “what tends to happen when I’m in that mood?”

“What sort of beliefs do I hold about my body?” and “what actions/habits do I display when I believe that about myself?”

“Is there a certain “type” of life partner that I attract?”

(I attract chefs. I like food. I can’t cook. Interesting.)

“Are there certain sorts of friendships that I attract?” and “what do those friendships say about me?”

“What are the similarities between the people I find challenging?” and “how do my behaviours allow these challenges to continue?”

Look for patterns. Look for similarities between people. Think about what it is in you that is attracting these things in? And do they serve you? If they don’t serve you, what would be a better alternative?

Remember that like attracts like. If you don’t like what you are getting or you would like to enhance what you are getting, then focus on bringing more of that thing into your energy. If you want more laughter in life, open yourself to finding comedy moments. If you want adventure, become an adventurer. The clearer you are about your personal energy and the blueprints (beliefs, ideas, thoughts, attitudes) that make this up, the more powerful you become at attracting in what you want.


4 thoughts on “Like Loves Like

  1. Incredible story! It will be interesting to see how many more energy pyramid necklace wearing strangers turn up at the House and the Hill, attracted there by the energy pyramid.

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