Pack All Ya Baggage In A Brown Paper Bag

Life Design Action: Pack all ya baggage in a brown paper bag

Requires: Your baggage, a journey and a brown paper bag

Does not require: Rucksacks, holdalls, carry bags, handbags, luggage cases, suitcases or any other sorts of bags. Just a brown paper one – preferably larger than a sweet bag (unless you are blessed with minimal baggage).

(It would appear that travelling freely towards an exceptional life experience is severely hampered by excess baggage. Nothing to worry about. It’s all perfectly natural. As human beings we all collect baggage; Mother Theresa, Jesus Christ. Even Walt Disney. The trick it knowing how, where and when to let it go.)


Soooooo … tomorrow I’m off to the mountains in France on a business trip/retreat with a difference. The difference is that when you have your own coaching/life design company, you get to design your own business retreats. Nice. This one is happening in the French Pyrenees, in a beautiful house with two incredible creative and business coaches, Emma and Anne.

This is their place. This is their blog.

This particular biz trip is going to involve drinking fresh juice whilst creating, mapping out, expanding and drilling down. It is also going to involve an absorbing of The House & The Hill energy, which is very much – I imagine – connected to Mama Juju/Mother Nature.

Mama Juju. I love you. Just saying.

I love to travel. I love the feeling of journeys. Did you know that the word journey and journal are from the same French root? Jour means “day”.

For me, outward journeys are synonymous with internal journeys.  Sometimes these can be creative. Sometimes clarifying. Sometimes they can be about shedding your birdcage thinking and letting go.

My last journey was a fortnight ago (I’m feeling like  a bit of a jet-setter lately). I travelled to London to stay with the Fos Goddess and was accompanied by our mutual pal, the Mixologist. The mission? An Energy-Power-Up Cocktail.

There’s nowhere quite like the Centre of Time for an Energy-Power-Up Cocktail. In fact, I LOVE the fact that Greenwich is the Centre of Time.

On one of the evenings whilst there, we were off to the pub and the Mixologist looked up into the sky and stopped dead.

“What is THAT?”

She was looking at a strange emerald laser beam, shooting out though the sky, below the stars until it faded away into infinity.

“That is the centre of time. Greenwich mean time,” replied Fos, a glint in her eye. “It’s a timeline. It comes from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park. All other times is measured from that line.”

See what I mean? Energy-Power-Up place. What fascinated me is that within my coaching, guided visualizations and workshops, the concept of the timeline comes up regularly. There is an imagined line that takes us into the future. We choose what we will place upon that time line and when.

That evening we ate a gorgeous meal at the Cutty Sark pub, then headed back to the house. Here we picked up the Sharpies (love those pens) and A2 pads, preparing for some energised time-lining/vision boarding.

The others got started. I looked at the page. My mind was blank.

I took the lid off my pen. Put the felt onto the page.

Still nothing.

Looked over at the Fosbury Goddess, “I don’t know what to draw.”

She looked at me. Sipped her wine. Said nothing.

I frowned back at the page. Frowned some more.

 Still nothing.

Finally, after staring for a long time, I realised what it was.

“I think that there’s so much stuff that is going on in my present and in my past that the future of my timeline is blocked. I think I need to release it somehow. I need to release my baggage.”

She grinned. “Don’t do it here. I don’t want your baggage left here. Do it on your journey back. On the coach maybe.”

So I did.

The House of Bethan

On the coach back to Portsmouth, I wrote everything down on a brown paper bag. I wrote down all of the old things; mistakes, ideas, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, restrictive beliefs, old paradigms, old people, old names, old shit. I wrote it out, filling every last space of the brown paper bag … apart from one side, where I wrote a little message to the coach driver.

The House Of Bethan

And then I left my baggage there.

I feel that it has now symbolically left my subconscious. Which is good. Since then the predominant causes of the baggage have surfaced in my life. Which is good – but has been a bit stressful. However, it has allowed me to face, handle and release.

So now I am ready for a new journey, which begins at 9.00 tomorrow morning.

So I ought to go and pack a bag – with shorts in – because apparently it is sunny there!!


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