Whose type are you?

Life Design Action: Discover your type

Requires: You, me, here, now.




“Will you play ping pong with me?”

“In a minute, Roo.”

Sigh. Loud sigh. Really loud sigh again.

30 seconds later

“Mum. Has a minute passed yet?”


Loud, huffy, sigh. Starts kicking side of sunlounger with heel.

5 seconds later





“Sunbathing is boring. You’ve been here for ages. Can we play table tennis NOW?”

“No. I said in a minute.”

“But a minute has passed.”

Admittedly Roo was right. We had been having the same repeated interaction for at least twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of me trying to lie down in the sun. After eight months of British weather, several overcast days in Morocco, the clouds had split and this beautiful blueness – this shhhhhhhard of gorgeous warmth – had emerged. And I was very focused on feeling it. On my back. Whilst lying still.

Why could Roo just GET that? Pix got it. She was lying there, under a t-shirt, playing Fruit Ninja on her Kindle Fire which I swear I purchased for her to read books on. But at least she GOT the idea of relaxing.



And then It happened. Super Ads emerged from underneath his sunglasses, swiveled around on his sun-lounger and said, “Roo – I have an idea. Go over to the lady and ask her for a game we can play. Here. Whilst lying in the sun.”

Yes Ads!

So Roo did. And then they played Monopoly for AGES. About two thirds through, I got a little bored just lying there, so I discreety snaked over and picking up the little bronze pieces, turned them over in my hand. I then balanced them one by one on Ads’ back and drew them. Somehow, just lying there in the sunshine, I’d had an idea for how to symbolically show different idea approaches/types through the Monopoly Pieces.

The idea is simple.

Just scroll down and click on whichever Monopoly Piece that captures your eye/heart/soul. You will then be taken to a page where you can discover your idea type. If you want to make a comment please can you come back to this page and write it. I don’t plan on keeping the Monopoly Piece pages and so it would be coolio if any talks happen here. Thank you my darlings. I hope you ENJOY!


Hot Air Balloon




Kayak or Canoe




16 thoughts on “Whose type are you?

    • You are welcome B. It was interesting coming up with the meanings … looking at the object/mode of movement and then attaching ideas about ideas to it. Are you in the process of any Galleon style shifts at the moment? xx

  1. Hey, I am a Galleon too!
    That was the best fun I had all day. Especially as I had just been thinking about writing a post on how I am sinking under my own crazy schemes of helping my world. 😀

    • Hello Noeline, What a beautiful name you have!! Yes … we always had the Scottie Dog as kids. The Monopoly Board that these pieces were taken from were out of a Moroccan poolside bar. I think it was a swishy international version. It was nice, but I did miss the scottie dog. He and the hot air balloon would have worked well together I think xxx

      • Thank you 🙂
        OK, so I played the game properly this time – and guess what, I’m a Galleon too! ….. and no I didn’t cheat! ….. although I did look at the others afterwards 🙂

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