Do Something Today That …

Life Design Action: Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Requires: Consideration for future you, investment in self, small yet sensational steps.

Does not require: A pension plan (yet – I don’t think).

Many schools of thought suggest that living in the present is a certain path to happiness and contentment. I agree. After all, it is almost always our thoughts about a situation – and the worry or regret we are attaching to it – that causes us most stress.

I have proved this beyond reasonable doubt for when Pix is having an utter breakdown around high school, friends, homework, what she did say, didn’t say and what Roo DID say … I say “STOP!”

Then we breathe.

Then we ask ourselves … “is there anything actually wrong Right Now? At this Precise Moment? LOOK – it is snowing a little, the dog next door is barking, the car heater is on so we aren’t freezing. Let’s ask ourselves again  – is anything really wrong Right Now?”

At this point we realise that there is not.

And this is Pix – the World’s Most Ultimate Worrier – who we are talking about here.


The Present Moment.

It should be a super hero.

However, we know from experience that the Present Moment is a little like a pearl necklace that we are skipping along. We can only balance on one pearl at a time and those we’ve crossed before make up a beautiful or not-so-beautiful pearl rope bridge that we can look back upon.

Copyright Bethan Christopher

We can’t change those pearly patterns of the past.

(So many Ps)

We also know that from this point – the pearl we are standing on TODAY – we can have an influence over what our tomorrow will be like.

And we will still be us.

So it would be nice for the Us Of Tomorrow to make sure we are standing on some good pearls.

Does this make sense?

I have learnt about the Pearl Thing through having to get two children to school.

I have learnt that if I sit on the sofa, drink tea, watch some drossy drivel on the telly and relax – that tomorrow morning I will awaken FRAUGHT. Oh My God! The school uniforms are in the tumble dryer (creased), no pack lunches are made (in fact there’s no bread), note to self – remember to stop at shop and buy cartons in future, hair isn’t washed and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, Roo hasn’t practised his tables all WEEK!

It’s safe to say that the Bethans on those mornings aren’t feeling very grateful to the Bethan-Of-The-Night-Before.

However, the Bethan who awakens then schwoons out of bed into slippers already laid there ready for her pearly toes, sails into the bathroom refreshed (because she went to bed early), gushes over her babies at breakfast (pack lunches made the previous night and pancakes at the ready), could actually MARRY her Bethan-Of-The-Night-Before.


A lesson to be learned.

And which is sometimes learned and sometimes forgotten, but generally a good thing to remember.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You will appreciate it massively.


Today I am thanking my flipping-amazing-bloody-wonderful-last month-self for booking a family holiday to Marrakesh! We leave today!!

Last year the gorgeous Ads and I went there alone and THIS happened.

In my Lets-Do-Something-Future-Bethan-Will-Thank-Me-For world, I considered having one of THESE. But then I didn’t.

Which I’m now thanking myself for because it meant I could go and have another dreadfully  expensive and bad meal HERE with the most beautiful Clare and her Spouser.

All in all, I think the talk is being walked.

Bethan – I thank thee – you goddamn STARCAKE.


14 thoughts on “Do Something Today That …

  1. Does having a lovely cup of hot chocolate count? And how did you know that I love pearls and nearly bought a pair of pearl earrings today. Having read your post, I think I should go back and buy them in the name of gorgeousness.

  2. You make me chuckle 🙂 a pearl necklace tee hee hee… it…. I think that image will get me through the morning! Infact I might print out that drawing & put it up in the hall….

    Also love the word schwoon…

    Great blog….and despite the food it was lovely spending time with a truly lovely kindred naughty school girl & her hilarious & generous boyfriend …xxxx

    • No Clare!! I didn’t mean it like THAT. Funnily enough, I did THINK exactly the same thing about pearl necklaces just as I pressed Publish though.
      Schwoon. I think my next book may be a Jewish dictionary.
      The food – was it that bad? I think I might have had the best out of everyone. I was quite drunk by the time we ate though so I am can not judge too harshly.
      It was pure loveliness spending time with you too! xxx

  3. Hi. Pearls of wisdom again Bethan, thanks 🙂 OK, I’ll move now (before the Scotland rugby starts) and today’s me will do something that tomorrow’s me will be delighted with – not sure what yet though, but I’ll find it!! 🙂 xxx

    • Hello you!! How are you! How is it in your neck of the woods? We’ve just arrived at our Marriot by Gatwick hotel. Had v long convo with taxi driver whose boys are both up in Scotland. It was snowing as he drove and divulged his life story (v interesting) and I thought, brrr, I bet it is chilly in Scotland. Have you taken your Today’s Action yet? xxx

  4. Hi, I’m doing grand thanks. Well, I’ve actually taken lots of Actions! I’ve done all the house stuff that I know I’ll be thanking myself for tomorrow – everyone’s been fed, watered, home-worked, clean/ironed-clothed, loved, relaxed (I didn’t even bother that these 4 people did nothing while I was busy doing something for Tomorrow’s Me!). And I’ve made my veggie soup that I take to work in a flask every day 🙂
    The main thing I did though was apply for a new job!! I might not even get an interview but I feel better that I tried – I know that Tomorrow’s Me would regret not trying. So it was actually your post that encouraged me to think about my next Pearl and stop dithering! 🙂
    And I think that thanking ourselves is a great notion!

    If you’re Scottish you wouldn’t have thought about the snow when Scotland won today – great second half. 🙂 It has been snowing quite hard but it’s melting quickly and looks pretty!

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing time at the Gatwick Hotel!


    • Hi C, amazing stuff!! What was the new job? That is SO exciting. Its funny – the ammount of times that I’ve had this huge surge-like day and put in loads of actions to help my Future Self be brilliant (ie. applying for jobs) and then later on I think “my GOD, what did you do that for!” but then I have to take action because Yesterdays Self sorted it and then it all turns out brilliantly. We are now relaxing in the very lovely Palamerie Hotel in Marrakech and it is fab. Unlike the Gatwick one … x

  5. P.S. I’m rather ignorant of these things – how do I download a photo onto here? And put a photo against my name here?
    Ta 🙂 xxx

  6. Great post, lots of wisdom here 🙂 I definitely agree about focusing and living in the present to relieve stress and anxiety, but as you say you can make life so much easier for your future self if you take a little time to plan ahead 🙂

    I like being grateful to my past self, instead of spiteful haha!

    Thanks for sharing, all the best 🙂 Hope your holiday was great!


    • Hello Rohan,
      As you say – it is all in the beautiful balance, isn’t it? A large helping of presence with a perfect portion of planning. I liked what you said about being grateful to your past self. When I wrote the blog post I was thinking a lot about my present self and my future self. I didn’t think about my present self (now) being grateful to my past self – but that is an equally brilliant action. Thanks so much for the insight and also for popping by. I loved your blog and will be back. PS. My son has the same name as you. He was born with an “H” in the middle but then we changed it to a “W”. xx

  7. I like this post because of it’s allure of simplicity. “Doing something today that your future self will thank you for”. I actually have been think about this a lot, by attempting define the word the “moment”. What does it mean to be in the moment and how will I not squander it? Those kinds of questions. Nonetheless, I’d like to think my future self is perfectly content where he is at; on a golf course somewhere.

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