No – I’m Nezha

Life Design Action: Bring on your super-hero

Requires: Cape, pants big enough to pull over tights Drive, attitude, confidence

Does not require: weeds, slumpers, skulkers

(When life challenges get below the belt – such as terrible customer service (see Sundays post) –  and you feel like you are struggling to get anywhere there is a simple action that you can take:

Bring on your Super Hero.

I am open to interpretations of super-heros. If vampires float you boat that’s fine. Having said that, I’m not sure about fairies … No … that’s decided … you can’t have fairies …

Anyway, once you have decided who your super-hero is and you take on their super power mindset, it will no longer matter if the very cogs of Heaven are clunking against you … because YOU will handle it.)  


I’m Nezha.


Nezha was born in a town in China which was being ruled over by some powerful, great and unpleasant dragon kings who demanded children for munching purposes. When Nezha was old enough to realise the diabolical situation she refused to accept it and began to fight the dragon kings. Eventually the dragons had enough of her and forced Nezha’s dad to kill her. Nezha saved her father the job and killed herself in some dramatic sword scene.

Thankfully, Nezha was brought back to life by Mas-ta (original Master Miyagi – though no one will believe that). Except, now Nezha was not just Nezha.

Fer-lipp-ping heck.

Nezha was Epic.

She’d evolved her skills and had, not only a magic hoop and whip, but also these fiery blazing roller blade things and the ability to pop out of every side of her head, like a smoking hot Hindu Goddess.

Nezha had attitude. And fire. And wheels.


She is my super hero. We are overlooking the fact that she is a boy. She is not a fairy.

And recently, because the cogs of Heaven have been working against me (yes, I know, even super powered life coaches and motivational speakers still get problems!) I infused my mindset with Nezha-ism.

She is on a Goal Map in the kitchen above the table.

She’s the screen save on my phone.

Take a good look at her and if you want to share some of her funky-monkey-ness to take on some challenge you’ve been facing … you most certainly can.

It’s all about mindset. What’s yours?



7 thoughts on “No – I’m Nezha

    • Gallivanta, right … (deep breathes to try and withhold vocal enthusiasm) … since using this mindset image on my latest Goal Map, you would not believe the shifts that have happened. I don’t want to share too much before it is complete, but several huge, insurmountable challenges which have hung over me for over 18 months began to move finally. How? By literally looking at that image of Nezha, gritting my teeth and taking action. I am going to post a pic of the Goal Map tomorrow. If you look, you’ll see that the images to her left and right have big ticks next to them and they sit behind her as if she’s already completed them. You could draw your OWN image of her – or your super hero – and a picture of your fixed window sill and insurance company challenge (+ any others) behind her. Then stick it in your pocket and see what happens. xxx

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