Get Rich Quick

Life Design Action: get rich quick

Requires: rich eyes, rich focus and rich appreciation.

Does not require: any more than the above.

(Our culture cultivates a not-enough mind-set. Everywhere we go we are bombarded with marketing that encourages us to believe that we are not being enough, getting enough, having enough. Materially, our “cure” is then offered in the form of new cars, new belongings, new toys … or another holiday. Socially, unless we are posting pictures of every other day out on Facebook, we are not doing enough, exciting enough, or popular enough. Physically, unless we are fitting into the cardboard cut out beauty ideal, then we are not pretty enough, young enough, perfect enough (?). This holographic not-enough mind-set interferes with our happiness, well being and gorgeousness. It leaves us in a constant state of striving for more and a feeling of Life Poverty.

It is bull shit.

If we cultivate the opposite mind-set (plentifulness) we can literally catapult ourselves from poor to rich within moments. To do this you simply need to regularly look around and feeeel deep appreciation and gratitude for what you already have. As this new mind-set develops you will find your life, relationships, finances and happiness growing at a rapid rate. )




This week I have felt rich in REALISATIONS.

And – wow – this fills me with warmth and crimson velvet happiness …

Another very powerful one …

Finally .. Oh My God …

Massive thanks and appreciation to all of the lovely people who contributed to the Huganomics posts. I think we need to keep going back to this baby. I keep seeing people hugging all over the place – man hugging man, lady hugging lady and my friend Rosie in Aus, girl hugging tree!

Lastly, I also feel massively grateful and appreciative for all the amazing gorgeous people all over this beautiful world, who come here to The House Of Bethan (even the silent ones).

If I could send a Pecan Hug to all of you – I would.


6 thoughts on “Get Rich Quick

  1. Hey, what a lovely post for a Sunday night! I wasn’t feeling much gratitude when thinking of tomorrow’s forecasted snow, but… It might mean we get to come home early and throw our whole selves into extra hugs!! Now that might work! Hehe.
    Pecan hugs to you and your family xoxox

    • Pecan hugs – I LIKE it! I was kind of hoping that it would snow down here as we’ve had very little and I think it is the best excuse to stay at home and do as little as possible … Ah, the grass is always greener (and the snow is crunchier) on the other side. Wishing you a lovely Monday – whatever the weather … xxx

  2. I have been in both corners; comfortable and broke as a joke.
    Amazing how much your perspective changes when you realize that “Rich” means so much more than money.
    Hugs are given with more sincerity when that is all you have.
    When I was “comfortable” I was popular, people treated me differently, they looked me in the eye, spoke to me and invitations were plenty. When I became poor and broke calls went unanswered, backs were turned and there I was – with myself. I liked me, still do. It may have been a very dark few years but I emerged stronger, richer and filled with strength and power. I am still the same loving, giving, intelligent woman, I just don’t have the money I used to. But I am so much richer than I ever was or may ever be again.
    I love your message – very empowering and inspirational.
    (((HUGS))) to you!!!

    • Hello Beauts! So interesting … My business partner has a very similar story to you. She ran a successful catering business, had lots of friends and a bursting social life. When the recession hit in the 80’s and following a chain of bad luck, her business went down and the family were bankrupted. Almost all of her “friends” were suddenly looking down their noses at her. She was ostracised from the community, no longer invited to the parties or the social gatherings. Yet living through the experience made her so strong – and like you she emerged not only in tact, but fuller and richer. She retrained as a counsellor and life coach and has now been positively impacting lives for over 25 years. We’ve now been in business together, delivering seminars for a number of years and I know that her experience has literally made her who she is today.
      I love the fact that you love the message.
      Masses of PECAN HUGS zooming back to you, Mountain Gypsy. xxx

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