Have Tea With A Numerologist


Requires: Tea, tea cups and one Lizzie Flynn

Does not require: Maths books or a degree in algebra

(I was not a big fan of maths at school. It was one subject that I have always kept at arms length, yet over the last five years, having explored sacred geometry – particularly the Vesica Piscis and watching Pi directed by Darren Aronofsky – numbers and their symbolism are taking on greater and greater significance.)


Tea With A Numerologist

Yesterday = v stressed. Sunday night, at the best of times gives me a mild slump, but Sunday night at the end of a holiday is edged with sheer underlying panic. Not sure why the idea of going back to work and getting kids back to school seems so terrifying. Could possibly be something to do with the idea of waking up at 7 am and having to move … Could be the culture shock of having to make the kids breakfast and get them out of the door before 8am … Could be that old resistance of being told what to do by routine and regime …

What ever it is/was/could be I was in a massive stress yesterday. Spent hours  running around house trying to gather things, running up and down the stairs with armfuls of washing (that if I were sensible and organised would have been done a week ago) and making mental shopping lists for packed lunch cartons and bread that should have been in the cupboard yesterday.

Then the phone rang. It was a call I’d been expecting and with news I’d been expecting. But the news wasn’t the news I reallyreallyreally wanted. It was half-hearted, you’ll-have-to-be-patient-and-wait-longer news, which resulted in me feeling

 R-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l-y R-e-s-t-r-i-c-t-e-d.

And twitchy.

Oh so twitchy.

(Sometimes, in life, I feel like a prairee dog who was captured and put on a lead so I live with this deep sense of restriction. So often I am straining to move forward, eager to leap and run, but Certain Relationships and Certain Situations have me on a leash. I pull forward. Certain Things pull back.


I had the feeling that Ads, Pix and Roo were probably quite relieved when I announced, “I’m off for an hour,” then darted out of the front door like a freedom starved coyote.

Phew. Drove to the Plantation Room Cafe at the Botanical Gardens. Went in, ordered my tea (in a glass teapot so you could see all of the leaves swirling around like magic). My friend Lizzie arrived about five minutes afterwards looking stunningly gorgeous.

“I have just been auditioned as a nun and a baroness!” she said breathlessly, slipping into seat opposite. For a moment of wonder, I thought she was actually meaning a REAL nun. “It’s for a performance …” she added.

Ah ha.

I knew Lizzie used to own a musical theatre company in Ascot, where she lived before moving to the Isle of Wight but I didn’t know she was planning on acting herself. After all, this woman is BUSY! Not only is she an incredible numerologist and coach, but she has also designed an entire personal philosophy programme for kids in school – pulling together all of her theatre and drama skills, with her passion and knowledge of personal development.

Lizzie’s enthusiasm, zest and passion makes my head spin and my mouth water.

We’re two of a kind – voracious inventors, creators and do-ers.

Within moments of her cappuccino arriving, we’d already covered about six different subjects; Christmas, New Year, health, Goal Mapping, Life Mapping, IOW Glass. Somehow we were diverted from talking personal development onto my very stressful mood prior to coming.

As I explained how frusted and restricted I was feeling, Lizzie slipped out her little book and a phone and she started tapping in numbers to the calculator.

“Birth name – 3 …” she muttered under her breath, scribbling down numbers. “Birthday – adds up to 3. Okay, Right. Oooh …” she paused, “that’s interesting. Bethan, your life cycle is 1-1-1.”

Good. 6-6-6 would have been upsetting.

“What does that mean?”

“Basically, everyone has a life cycle,” Lizzie explained slowly. “The first cycle is 0-26, the second cycle is 26-56 and the third cycle is 56 onwards. Most people have different birth numbers for each life cycle. You have the same all the way through.”

“What does that mean?” I asked again, so intrigued that I was oblivious to asking the same question multiple times. To be honest, most numerologists probably hear “what does that mean?” quite a lot, so I reckon I can be forgiven.

“Number 1’s think outside the box. They are ferociously independent. They can come up with original ideas and more than anything they need freedom. They crave freedom. They are All About Freedom. And you are number 1 all through EVERY Life Cycle.”

Oh. OK.

Number 1.

I guess that explains the restricted dingo/coyote/wild beast on leash type feeling.

 For the rest of the hour Lizzie and I continued to talk and she gave me the most wonderful numerology reading. She was like a font of Numerology knowledge that was inexhaustible and fascinating and spine-chillingly accurate all at the same time.

As my time came to an end and Ads’ psychic “where the hell has she gone in a bad mood and left me cleaning the house and ironing uniforms” probe began prodding my guilt pad, I leaned over to Lizzie and said, “I’ve got to quickly tell you this …”

And I then relayed, as quickly as I could, my last post Bring Back Our Grandmothers and how important it is that we raise the voices of our whole female clan. You see, Lizzie is in her third Life Cycle and she is a woman who has not shuffled to one side and continued her business quietly and unobtrusively.

She is one of the most dynamic and inspirational women I’ve met.

Lizzie Flynn

This is a woman who in her late 40’s travelled alone to Malta, wrote reams of poetry that sparked a new pathway and is now writing a book about this transformational journey. She’s a woman who wears funky clothes and has designed a programme that in all likelihood will become part of the UK’s National Curriculum in the future. She’s a woman that drives a cute little sports car, lives in an apartment in one of the most creative places in Britain, overlooking the sea and wide horizons.

“I am so not an invisible grandmother,” she grins at me. “In fact, tis is the time of my life of greatest contribution, greatest passion and greatest power.”

Left the Plantation Cafe with ideas, understandings and massive inspiration in my heart. Lizzie and I had promised to meet again; we now have events to organise together – a combination of me and Jayne’s coaching workshops and Lizzie’s numerology sessions. Arrived home positive, happy and oozing with “I’m-a-One-And-I’m-Chilled-And-Unleashed” self awareness.


Then today something v.v sychronistic happened. I went to work and was telling Jayne (my business partner) all about the numbers. At the same time as talking I was opening an envelope from the lovely Elaine B – hello Elaine if you are reading this – with a key for our centre inside. She had written me a little note which I read and then happened to turn over and glanced at at the exact moment I was suggesting to Jayne that we should both meet up with Lizzie and look more deeply into Numerology for taking our business and lives forward.

This was what I found on the back of Elaine’s note:


Lizzie aka Elizabeth Flynn is available for phone sessions and she can also do readings by Skype. I know there are a few American, German and Spanish chicks and dudes who frequent this little space, so don’t hold back if you are overseas.

***** Lizzie Flynn is Highly Recommended by The House Of Bethan. *****


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