Love – The Beautifier

At booty camp we did boxing. I liked it. I liked the thwak, thwak, thwak, twist and thwak. T’was good. Good for the mind. Good for the soul. Then just as I was min-thwak, someone yelled (in an attempt to motivate) “Just think of someone’s face who you really HATE!”

Hate is a quite a strong word.

Yet it doesn’t make you strong.

I know this because the moment I focused in on the faces of people who have wound me up, it was as though every bit of strength and power left my body. Flump. My energy was vacuumed.

Straight away I refocused in to, “I am strong. My body is good. I am strong.”

My energy immediately whooshed back in. Phew.

The fact that hatred and negativity vacuums our strength is an interesting thing. It is backed up by kinisiology and is something that you can even try at home yourself. For this little hate/love experiment you will need two people.

1. Stand with your arm outstretched and held strong. In your head focus on all of the beautiful things in your life. Think of people you love. Think, “I am good. I am strong.”

2.  Now have the second person push down on your arm. Both of you make a note of what pressure they need to exert to push your arm down.

3. Now repeat the same exercise whilst thinking hateful angry thoughts. Focus on who you want to have a go at, who you want to hurt.

4. Whilst focusing on hate, have the other person push down your arm. See what happens.

To be able to let go of shit from the past and the things people do to irritate and upset you in the present is the greatest gift you can give to your body. It will make you strong. It will make your punch powerful. And it will remedy your frown-lines a lot more effectively that a pot of Nivea Visage.

Massive love!


5 thoughts on “Love – The Beautifier

  1. Great post, thank you! I will have to try that exercize. It is so true that our thoughts and attitude directly influence us physically. I have also noticed this with pain tollerance. When I am sick and angry about it then every moment of fever and ache is unbearable, but if I am in a positive frame of mind then the symptoms of sickness are all the more tollerable.

    • I totally agree Bethany. What you said just there reminded me also of when I was giving birth to my first child. If, when the contraction pains came, I fought it and felt helpless and the “victim” of pain it was utterly unbearable. I (somehow) managed to get myself into a different state of mind and instead of fighting it, reminded myself that “this is the feeling of Life bringing forth Life” and each time the pain came it transformed into the feeling of a great wave of somethiing just rolling through me. Also, the pains didn’t last as long. You must try that exercise and let em know what happens! Thanks for your comment and the follow!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon xxx

    • Thank you beautiful and ever so speedy in the water, Kelly! (Spoke to Leah. She said you’re like a bullet riccoshading up and down the pool). You’ve just highlighted a bit of a dilemma I’m in with your comment too. Ms Christopher or Bethan Stritton? Everything is branded, built and domained up to its eyebrows with Bethan Stritton. Do I keep it or do I somehow merge into Bethan Christopher? ADVISE!!! xxx

      • Oo I did wonder when I wrote it what was the preferred title. Go with who you are and what makes you happiest, more wise words from B.C/S life coach extraordinaire.
        As regards to swimming I’m having lessons to improve my front crawl and doing bi-lateral breathing means I do a very good impression of drowning!
        Give me a ring when your free for tea and a dip?
        Much love
        KECC xxx

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