Have You Got Permission To Do That?

So, I’ve totally sussed the Fast Lane Fear thing.

Are you ready?

No one gave me permission to go in there.


That was all I needed.

I suddenly realized this last night when a girl on my workshop kicked over her cup of black coffee and got up to make herself another one and I said “no, you can’t go! You’ll miss this very important and exciting piece of content!” Automatically she plopped back down on her chair. Just like that.

She didn’t get permission and she did not go.

Sorry lovely Joanne!

I’m only just getting how we are all so utterly CONDITIONED to ask for permission to do things. This starts from when we’re really small. As kids we have to get permission from our elders (mums, dads, teachers, even peers) to do pretty much anything.

Asking for permission becomes a habit. A pattern of behavior. A conditioned response.

On Wednesday when I was hanging out on the edge of the pool, wondering whether I should go into the fast lane or not, what I was waiting for was Permission. I was looking around, waiting for some sort of endorsement from … someone … and meanwhile arguing with myself about whether or not to act without it.

I bobbed about for quite a while.

Strangely I didn’t get permission.

I got cold.

But now that I’ve sussed this Permission thing out, I’m officially giving myself it. Because I’m an adult. HA! And I’m going to give myself Permission to do LOADS of other stuff too, which I haven’t even thought up yet but will let you know when I do.

And I have created us – you and me – a Permission Tag. Here it is!

This officially gives us the green light to be as gorgeous and amazing as we decide to be on any given day.

Oh – and I found this quote …

“The reasonable (woman) man adapts (herself) himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to (herself) himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable (woman)man.” ~George Bernard Shaw in Man and Superman (1903)




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