Last night the deli …

… was transformed into a late night coaching cafe. While the rain streamed down against the window and cars sliced along inky roads and people put out their rubbish bins, the deli was a paradise jungle of gorgeousness … opening eyes, smiling faces and flourishing perceptions. T’was quite lovely!!


4 thoughts on “Last night the deli …

  1. What deli? I want to come. Although last night I was tucked up in bed reading your blog and wondering why I hadn’t read it for a while, then I realised that I had lost my connection to the light and had been floundering in the shadows. Thanks for keeping the light on Bethan.
    Big hugs Elainexxx

    • Hello beautiful Elaine. So sorry to hear that you’ve been wrestling with the shadow duvets. They can get really oppressive at times, can’t they? But they are just that – duvets. They can be kicked off … and then you can clambour over to the light switch and flick it on. In the meantime, if you’re still tangled, I’ll certainly keep the hallway light burning. Deli = Tramezzini in Ventnor. But watch it if you go there … the food and the vibe is TOO gorgeous for words and you’ll have to keep going back. Big squeezes back at you xxx

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