If you’ve been told that you’re getting …

… to big for your boots, then it must be time to upgrade your footwear.

Recently I have been dreaming some big dreams and thinking some grand thoughts. Then I’ve leaned back on my pillow and wondered, “how could Little Me make this Big Thing happen?”

When you are feeling Little, sometimes BIG FAT JUICY GORGEOUS dreams seem impossible.

The way through this impossibility labyrinth is to imagine what a BIG FAT JUICY GODDESS OF GORGEOUSNESS you’d need to be to sail through that Thing as if it were nothing more than swigging down a can of Tango.

Or perhaps something less fizzy.

Then imagine you are walking in that Gorgeous Goddess’s BIG FUNKY TAKE-ON-THE-WORLD footwear and take some sensational action. Imagine you are standing in her skin, in her mindset, in her moccasins.

Then DO as she would DO.

Make a phone call. Or book a course. Or commit to a plan.

Once you’ve taken your action, you can get back into your old shoes again (if you want) or you can keep the Gorgeousness boots on and go DANCING.


New shoes.

Go on. Get them on. x

For a deep, tangiable, take-me-home way of Growing Your Own Unique Brand Of Gorgeousness, why not purchase yourself a lovely copy of my book – Grow Your Own Gorgeousness?

*All proceeds will go towards a very desired Shearling Aviator jacket*

*Probably not the best sales pitch*

*I’ll be quiet*


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