Off …

to London where I will meet my beautiful Fosbury Goddess and spin home in a two seater convertible by night. Hurrah! That’s the easy bit. Stopped at my favourite little nursery on my way home to buy some radishes and green beans to munch on the journey. I love this little nursery.

Then tomorrow I will be suiting myself suitably and attending a course to learn a rare and gorgeous technique called the Rewind.

And that’s exactly what it is. A technique to rewind bits of people’s tapestry where things have become knotted, crunched up, snagged and hurt and that messy thread of wool has continued to get in the way of their beautiful life pattern.

That’s also easy.

Tomorrow also happens to be my brother’s anniversary. Fosbury and I (once Day 1 of the course is over, she’s finished work and we’ve reformed) are going to sup wine and dine ourselves in Blackheath, toast our good selves and rich loss that makes us become who we are becoming.

Still easy.

So what is the hard bit? The hard bit is that I have to get on the Underground by myself for five whole bloody stops FOUR WHOLE TIMES. And that scares the living daylights out of me. I am not a mole. Or a miner. I like the sky. I hate the Underground and have avoided travelling alone in it for 31 years. This may mean I won’t be able to wear my high heels for fear of not running fast enough or bending my ankle over on those steep, vertigo-inducing escalators.

But I’m going to do it because I am determined to learn the Rewind and fulfil my current quota of being an unpicker of unwanted threads. I’ll bring you back some gorgeousness too. Please think of me!! xxx


2 thoughts on “Off …

  1. Sounds as though you live on the other side of the pond. I’ve never been, but I have always wanted to visited. Enjoyed your blog today 😉

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