A Gawwwjus, Lovely Blog Award

There was once a time when I found it pretty much impossible to focus on anything else except the end of the world.

I was 11.

God knows where I read about the stinking 2012 Mayan Prophesies at that age. The whole thing gave me more nightmares than the rabid rabbits from Watership Down.

Lying awake at night, I’d rack my brain for some solution to the problem and finally came to accept the fact that the end was nigh but, on a positive note, by the time it happened I would nearly be a pensioner (31) and … well … I’d have had a good run of it so I may as well get on and shut up.

Yet despite the “getting on and shutting up”, I continued to hear mutterings of 2012. Over the years I’d capture snippets in books or see a documentary about the Mayans when I was least expecting it. And as time drew on the mutterings and snippets got louder. Eventually they all came together and into Blockbuster films with images of mass devestation plastering the walls of Cineworld.

And yet now 2012 is here and franly, it’s all rather marvellous.

Far from death and destruction, some exceptionally lovely things seem to be happening. Last month I was Freshly Pressed and bumped my August 13th stats up to a peak that gives all my other blog stats a serious inferiority complex. Then I was  interviewed by a journalist from the Daily Telegraph about Grow Your Own Gorgeousness (to be published in November’s edition). And finally, this week, I opened up my emails to find that the gorgeous Kara from Where Is My Beach has awarded me a Lovely Blog Award.

I have wanted a blog award for as long as I can possibly remember and I’ve never been awarded one and my heart jumped for JOY when I saw it there!

Thank you SO much Kara. You are a starcake and a sweetie pie. I’m going to put the award in my side bar where everyone can see it.

Before I do that though, there’s a couple of things I must do before the badge of gorgeousness can be awarded.

1. Thank the nomiator. Thank you Kara!!

2. Reveal 7 unknown things about myself. Ooooh. Mmmm. OK. Deep breath. Here we go …

1. Every time I take my mobile phone out of my handbag there are all these BITS of fluff and other stuff stuck to the screen and I find it v frustrating but haven’t emptied out my bag, turned it upside down and given it a proper whack and I don’t know why.

2. My kids are the great great great grandchildren of a man called Thomas Troward, whose spiritual teachings eventually formed the foundation of the book The Secret.

3. I used to have a hamster called Rap. She was called Rapunzel but then e realised that he was a she and so she became “Rap” instead.

4. I have systematically eaten all the chocolates that Janin brought the children as a gift from Germany and I should write here that I feel guilty for depriving them, but it isn’t marginally true. 

5. Both times I was pregnant I craved – and I mean I seriously salivated at the mere thought of – crunching up bits of concrete. Only once did I cave in and eat some. It was so good!

6. I haven’t had a television since March and don’t read papers so I have no idea what the media is currently saying about the world. I seem to be surviving ok without it so far.

7.  I don’t believe the “world” will end in 2012. I do, however, believe that the rate at which we create our realities is speeding up and that personal crisis/personal joy are also accelerating depending on where you focus your thoughts. I believe that by accessing and celebrating the gorgeousness, both within yourself, others and the planet, you’re world will become flipping amazing both inside and out.

3. The next mission is to nominate some other bloggers for blogs that I think are gorgeous. These places are like little online havens that I nip to when I need to nourish my soul. Here they are …

1. Vanesa Valencia – A Fanciful Twist

2. Peace Maker

3. THe Creative Self

4. Girl With Trowel

5. A Magical Whimsy

6. Dirty Footprints Studio

7. Sweet and Weak

4. Alert these bloggers that they have been nominated. (I believe that I am supposed to nominate a few more blogs than this, but Kara only nominated seven and I’m going to follow her lead. Quality not quantity and all that.)

Right. I’m off to dance around the house feeling all happy that I have a Lovely Blog Award whilst cleaning like a possessed 1950’s housewife (the children have been at their dad’s all weekend and every time they are due back I get hit with these bizarre nest-building/must clean and bake cupcakes urges. This could be an anti-urge to the reality of doing nothing except lounging in the garden and supping white wine since they’ve been away. Right, off to find feather duster).

Love xxx


5 thoughts on “A Gawwwjus, Lovely Blog Award

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  2. Ha! You should feel a little guilty at least, honey! Especially as I told them there were sweets waiting for them!!! 😉 Fingers crossed they have forgotten all about that – although this is rather hard to imagine… But well- a lesson to be learned, something to look forward to, FACT 😉

    • Well, I do feel a little bit guilty. I shall buy them some more. Anyway, Roo is still too busy mucking about with his pirate in the garden to remember and Pix is stuck into her book. Love you xxx

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